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  1. I don’t want to adult today.

  2. For power users, portability is a secondary feature. https://t.co/70zAhoTGid

  3. about to drive my wife nuts; since thursday I have had “Pure Imagination” stuck in my head and have just been randomly humming/singing it.

  4. Can i coin the term TouchBarf now?

  5. @FunnelFiasco i don’t agree with all of it, but damned if it ever isn’t a good take on things.

  6. I just liked “How the Bourne Movies Changed Film Fights” on #Vimeo: https://t.co/aKHRhu2L8E

  7. Whether or not you have a uterus, and whether you love or hate Catholicism, you should watch this. https://t.co/WgZ5AqJUVo via @YouTube

  8. I think this is great; but some help for those of us who didn’t wait and took on debt to go to school would be nice… https://t.co/DHyGU28DgZ

  9. @ubnt been waiting on an ES-8-150 for 3 weeks now…you could have just sent me a box of parts and I could have hand assembled it by now…

  10. Like this was ever something anybody questioned would happen :) https://t.co/TbOsH4yv8Y

  11. Why waste the effort on a candidate who has a coffin made of nails?

  12. RT @BryanCranston: Why does this sound familiar? https://t.co/HTCymI2PZY

  13. RT @novaspivack: Fact: Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era - That's Trillion with a T - https://t.co/2xBfmbgO8J

  14. Oh snap! https://t.co/ZhFYgB8ZJw

  15. Who in the hell writes these? Better question: Who in the hell is gullible enough to respond to them to make it wo… https://t.co/vk1JoRnNPt

  16. they definitely aren’t selling any to me; at least not until they get something new out the door… https://t.co/dpbdHP3RgI

  17. RT @DexBarton: Westworld vs Presidential debate. One is dystopian sci-fi, the other is on HBO.

  18. @donmelton Perhaps. But I would rather her be a little nutty than us be on a path to a second civil war.

  19. RT @baralheia: Wow. This is happy fellowed up. This is why politicians like Mike Pence and Donald Trump scare the happy fellow out of me. https://t.co/xsGM…

  20. RT @USATODAY: USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency' https://t.co/v7OMLQwYTt

  21. @GilbyRanger @Zzzonbi glad I am not the only one with that response to that movie.

  22. RT @datachick: 10 Things That Don't Make Sense To Introverts https://t.co/5rqm48Y9rC

  23. @FunnelFiasco @mitchellvii I’m going to go with dumbass.

  24. RT @paulkrugman: When I debated Gingrich/Laffer a few years ago, I prepared hard; they didn't do any homework. Somehow seems relevant https…

  25. it was fast, easy, and pleasant to cancel our progressive insurance (switching carriers) i felt bad doing it. no seriously.