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  1. Or maybe Trump decided not to attend the briefing where information would have been spoonfed to him. Because that i… https://t.co/9xT2jYsqiJ

  2. @donttrythis @nchan @willsmith Try as I might I cannot find that script…do you guys have a link you can share? (2/2)

  3. @FunnelFiasco @mxcia I’d love to hear the reasoning and justification for that madness.

  4. I have been working from home for 4 days now and I can’t count the number of times my animals have yanked my MagSafe cable loose.

  5. @jordansissel I bought a couple of dollar store sets that had one and a basting brush (also useful for wood glue)

  6. Seriously? The weight of the dummy was never a variable? https://t.co/ZgUhfx3AWw

  7. @FunnelFiasco I understand their frustrations, but if so many devs weren’t so bad and/or lazy, they’d find IT much easier to work with...

  8. It’s not going to have lightning either. So we get yet another “thing” to de-digitize audio into headphones. https://t.co/2aO6cwSJ5v

  9. @caseyliss @marcoarment any suggestions for apps to track baby-stuff (feedings, diapers, etc)? Been a bit I recognize…

  10. Fed ex has failed for a week to deliver a package to a business address. They show up before or after hours. Good job guys. Good happy fellowing job

  11. RT @tonyschwartz: Trump loses it whenever he feels vulnerable, which is often. Must recognise reality: we have a president-elect who is men…

  12. what in the absolute hell…wow… Who in the hell finds this to be a profitable business model? https://t.co/oJBpy2z6wm

  13. RT @DougMasson: As @Wilson46201 points out, Confederates killed 24,000 Hoosier soldiers. That's a good reason not to fly their flag. https:…

  14. @dayoneapp we are back to prompting for location services approval everytime the quick entry sheet pops up…

  15. RT @trek: My college friend Adam, who is now a rabbi, received one of these at his home in DC https://t.co/M2MLMEgbBg This is not normal.

  16. RT @Crutnacker: Biden: Showed Trump the drone strike controls in your top desk drawer Obama: That's an Etch-A-Sketch Biden: Yup https://t…

  17. RT @Gaby_Moss: Just donated to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name, it's easy & a certificate will be sent to his office: https://t.co/…

  18. “Winter is coming. I told you so.” -- @GeorgeRRMartin_

  19. @marcoarment Cook still supported members of the party, many of which allowed this stinker to happen.


  21. RT @SethMacFarlane: A-happy fellowing-men. https://t.co/cC4uLXrWkn

  22. If Apple would have left ONE USB3 port. just one…

  23. Surprised one side of this election didn’t start a rumor that the other planned to cancel game of thrones.

  24. Ugh. Why do they even bother. #publicdialup https://t.co/11OgKwBj1H