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  1. Photo sharing has gotten so shitty in ios 11... https://t.co/Gse3Qdep0T

  2. My week, summed up in gif: https://t.co/9vPsYgK74q

  3. @NateSilver538 fan out to west virginia and ask how all those coal jobs are coming along?

  4. RT @Halocene: We did a mashup with @TeraBrite and @FirsttoEleven called the #EvolutionofParamore! Can we get @paramore to see it?

  5. brand new US Highway bypass and the contractors couldn’t get the damned bridge transitions smooth. doesn’t quite kn… https://t.co/nWlRKVZPQp

  6. so is there actually a decent documentation site for #ElasticSearch that has the actual valid API endpoints, along… https://t.co/oFnpjxlsOK

  7. wow. there is an inefficiency here that i wouldn’t think would be tolerable during the holiday season. https://t.co/GH2TiwxW4s

  8. apple missed the boat a little here... https://t.co/ta69avnxcL

  9. Somebody could make a killing by making a custom-molded storage case for #willowtree’s nativity scene… hint hint… https://t.co/i1GRgIgrFP

  10. this week on @atpfm: debating iso 8601 next week: tabs vs spaces

  11. stinker. Now I have a reason to buy one of these damned things. Wait. Why the hell cant my Xbox do this already (oh y… https://t.co/WVzMZ4JxX1

  12. RT @jptoner50: A number of billboard companies in #Alabama refused to install this graphic. It would be tragic if everyone decided to make…

  13. When AT&T openly admits that they are screwing customers because of a tax, isn’t that a questionable business pract… https://t.co/ALrn7YnS8z

  14. But some Marshall voters said they were turned off by Roem’s gender. “She’s never had menstrual cramps, and … https://t.co/RvemCiBINz