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  1. RT @FrankDenneman: This is brilliant: https://t.co/trPjez8lF6

  2. Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) https://t.co/Hf3C6q9Zrd

  3. I got out of a speeding ticket one morning when the officer’s Windows laptop wasn’t cooperating. https://t.co/x2uCRKGgTC

  4. RT @RepAdamSchiff: It'll make you sick. GOP's new bill let's states waive protections for those with pre-existing conditions - but exempts…

  5. This is just priceless. https://t.co/t5HzKDE8HF

  6. @Kirk_Gleason https://t.co/ldREejjajF

  7. *crickets* https://t.co/jN4viK7jPM

  8. RT @MuslimIQ: A white supremacist DM'd me claiming Islam is violent & taunted me to show "where's the Christian version of Isis?" This was…

  9. @Kirk_Gleason The “increases” they are doing to tide people over are still insulting, dollar for dollar.

  10. This doesn’t seem to be a joke…if it is, it’s a damned mean one. https://t.co/9xrXJi6RZ6

  11. Make a bootable USB Drive from an ISO (On a Mac) - Largely sourced from: this Convert the ISO to its... https://t.co/GEUD7yVrGd

  12. This is why I don’t fear a pence presidency. He is far too inept and too far right to be able to build a coalition… https://t.co/Zzi7pgdR5W

  13. RT @hankgreen: What have I gotten myself into... https://t.co/XyHEgUBHyu