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  1. Prediction: what we know now as the Mac Mini will become a true “mini me” of the new Mac Pro in design and... https://t.co/Wg7RcseQ14

  2. stinker. Show. https://t.co/74Unn46eHn

  3. @eck79 Damn. We can’t wait that long. Our windows server is on the fritz and needing rebooted multiple times a day.

  4. Will somebody please teach all Software Developers that you don’t get to create log files until you create something to prune/manage them?

  5. RT @PoliticusSarah: Mike Pence Used Taxpayer Money To Pay For His Fake Walk Out Of An NFL Game https://t.co/en2pG7954J https://t.co/5H079NV…

  6. The NFL has an obligation to ensure the safety of its players. And they have been failing spectacularly. https://t.co/kFWx9fBuoU

  7. More like tiny handser. https://t.co/Wd8A1Ar5zE

  8. @AirborneGeek More like waste gunners. *crickets*

  9. @AnneRen5 Character death on Game of Thrones…

  10. Thanks @MazdaUSA for all 200,000 (and counting) miles! https://t.co/3yrtTHIVqO

  11. RT @MarleeMatlin: Bravo Denise! https://t.co/jz6vgUixfx

  12. So here’s a funny story: installed iOS 11 beta 4 yesterday. Got better battery life today than normal.

  13. @LibreNMS Slack. I hate IRC.

  14. This is the part of self driving cars that will be the biggest stumbling block. The infrastructure they will run on… https://t.co/CuRvxRMK2x

  15. @SlackHQ Naw. I'm on the Betas. I'll catch it in the release notes :)