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  1. RT @MarleeMatlin: Bravo Denise! https://t.co/jz6vgUixfx

  2. So here’s a funny story: installed iOS 11 beta 4 yesterday. Got better battery life today than normal.

  3. @LibreNMS Slack. I hate IRC.

  4. This is the part of self driving cars that will be the biggest stumbling block. The infrastructure they will run on… https://t.co/CuRvxRMK2x

  5. @SlackHQ Naw. I'm on the Betas. I'll catch it in the release notes :)

  6. @ISPPeru @IndStatePolice @RyanJNewman You know Stewart was raised in Columbus, right?

  7. RT @robinthede: Me in 2018, to republicans and anyone else who supported trump: THE NORTH REMEMBERS

  8. Files & File Systems: Crash Course Computer Science #20 @siracusa @atpfm seems right up John's alley. https://t.co/zmiPyJkfnF

  9. @AirborneGeek I grew up 15 mins from Patriot. You are not wrong though.

  10. Is it just me or has find my friends become completely useless lately?

  11. I knew better than to buy a MacBook at @bestbuy. Well done, selling last years model in the most deceptive way possible.

  12. I love my rigid rolling stack. But this has me considering a switch up. I love the rest of what Milwaukee has... https://t.co/VL1RrFI2qX

  13. @marcoarment you may have recorded the best job ever at recording a spoken live event. Wow. The audio /recording is quality is insanely good

  14. This makes me happy. https://t.co/9iAMgs1qd7

  15. This has to be fake. Right? Not that I would be surprised to discover its true… https://t.co/BHzmtPrUQU