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    How to connect SATA HD to ASUS PIKE 3008-8i

    For anybody else who stumbles into the same problem is was in fact the Cable, getting the Adaptec Cable (2280000-R) everything works as expected. A bit perplexed, but happy that it works.
  2. raidaway

    How to connect SATA HD to ASUS PIKE 3008-8i

    Yes, when using the onboard sata ports all drives appear. Any recommendations on particular cable?
  3. I stumbled across your forum and wonder if you could help answer a few questions. I am unable to get either set of my SATA hard drives detected by my PIKE II 3008-8i storage/raid controller. I am using a SFF 8643 to SATA breakout cable and I am wondering if somehow it is the cable? How can I possible connect SATA hard drives to ASUS PIKE II 3008-8I? SETUP ========= ASUS Z10-PE D16 ASUS PIKE II 3008-8i [ -- SAS SFF 8643 to 4 SATA [ Cable ] -- Crucial PNY CS1100 480GB SSD [ SSD(s) do not show up in LSI/PIKE bios ] -- Seagate HDD 4TB ST4000DM000 [ HD do not show up in LSI/PIKE bios] Suggestions beside throw everythiing the trash or return it are welcome?