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  1. I'm a home user with a hands off approach to things (I don't wish to fiddle), hence I've narrowed down to these 2 products (I also have discount where I want to purchase either product hence this choice, and I've got some loyalty to WD) I've read your/this site's detailed reviews for both, thanks for that, but while carrying out more research, I've found that the My Book Duo (preferred) has hardware encryption, so should the main board/enclosure fail for whatever reason, my data is toast and I cannot recover it by plugging the hard drive elsewhere. This somewhat defeats the purpose of this product as it still means a single point of failure on the board itself. On the other hand, over at the WD forums, someone made a remark to buy the WD My Cloud mirror as it does not have encryption. I'm unable to find further details on this, but this has gained my attention in that it is appealing for me as I like the idea of being able to take out a drive for recovery if required (just for peace of mind). Has data recovery on the WD Cloud Mirror been tested anywhere? (i.e. scenario: 1 of the hard drive fails or the board fails) I wish to verify that it does not encrypt my data. Sorry for the basic first post question