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  1. Rapid extends into the memory footprint, hence the breakneck speeds, for a little while anyway. We haven't done any extensive long term testing, but I'd guess there's some sort of conflict over the Ram assignment going on and by turning if off and back on you're clearing the issue. If it were me I would probably disable rapid all together, I wouldn't ever see the benefit in day-to-day use.

    Hi, thanks for reply. First of, rapid mode gives mi speed around 1500Mb/s read. And I can really feel it. Second, without it, it is sluggish kinda, and it is around 270Mb/s. (Not 540Mb/s like samsung advertise). I just tested it again today. And fast speed lasted around 3 hours. Then it just went down. No restarts. (Rapid still enabled) I wanna know what can cause it..

    Thanks you.

  2. Hello,

    The problem I have is that when I enable Rapid Mode, computer is super fast. In benchmark it shows around 1500 MB/s read. But after some time, even with rapid mode enabled it drops like rapid mode isnt enabled at all to something around 250 MB/s read, and I feel that computer is much slower. Now I tried to disable/enable rapid mode, and it is fast again.

    Can someone help me with it? Why it is getting slow and what can I do with it?

    Thank you