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  1. Hi, thanks for reply. First of, rapid mode gives mi speed around 1500Mb/s read. And I can really feel it. Second, without it, it is sluggish kinda, and it is around 270Mb/s. (Not 540Mb/s like samsung advertise). I just tested it again today. And fast speed lasted around 3 hours. Then it just went down. No restarts. (Rapid still enabled) I wanna know what can cause it.. Thanks you.
  2. Hello, The problem I have is that when I enable Rapid Mode, computer is super fast. In benchmark it shows around 1500 MB/s read. But after some time, even with rapid mode enabled it drops like rapid mode isnt enabled at all to something around 250 MB/s read, and I feel that computer is much slower. Now I tried to disable/enable rapid mode, and it is fast again. Can someone help me with it? Why it is getting slow and what can I do with it? Thank you