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    Samsung 2TB SSD: when?

    i have a 1tb ssd on my laptop and 1tb hybrid for storage sometimes I'm using around 700gigs on the ssd and there are no games, mostly music production stuff like logic, sony sound forge, MPC and that lot. i can get it down to about 500gigs by moving things to storage every time it gets messy. so really one tb is minimum for my laptop. now on my desktop i have just under 2 tb's of hdd all games about just over 200 titles. i have a quad core 8gig of corsair memory and a 4 gig readon, i gave you the details because I'm seeing more and more game titles with increasingly long loading screens and i am getting the feeling gaming in the not distant future is going to be aimed at ssd card users with dam long load screen unless you have a ssd card. theres no way i can put any game in storage, thats nuts. even today some gaming transitions have me sitting for upto one minute and I'm sure I'm not the only one as my desktop isn't really that bad and that shouldn't be happening, ever. weather you believe it or not, that is aimed at ssd loading times already. i said all that cus I'm waiting on a 2tb card that is not in the 700pound range. and more in the 300pound range oh well.