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  1. If RAID10 is usable to you then, here is low cost card It's 100% hardware
  2. You may take a look at SAS solution It's expandable up to 128/256 drives as RAID5/6/50/60. With proper controller you can perform an online expansion. Meaning add a HDD into the group and expand the existing volume
  3. Entire Inventory from order online 15% off - Saving code: SAV15
  4. FYI, Akitio Thunder2 Quad (which has a handle ) is not a RAID box, it's a simple JBOD. of course you can use the Disk Utility to create RAID0, but not raid5. Under new Mac hardware, consumer's choices are some what limited, but in Window you can use USB3.1, then 650MB/s transfer rate should be no problem
  5. FireWire2

    Okay to run chkdsk on RAID volume?

    Chkdsk this takes care some of file system issue, if there is
  6. how about a small DAS - stand-alone hardware raid eSATA or USB3.0 fully hot plug, We have one, it does about 230MB/s. Our current set up is 16TB (5x 4TB) Raid5
  7. FireWire2

    Areca RAID System Help

    I assume your card is good and it's in a PC. Do this - Plug the card in your system's PCIe slot - Connect ALL HDD as the order of the HDD as the RAID was created - Turn on, press Tab key or F6, to get to Areca BIOS. - Login with your password - if it had changed otherwise use "0000" to login - Look under Physical drive, rec-activate ANY failed drive - Use RESCUE or SIGNAT command to restore your raid meta tag - look at the manual - Once you it in degrading mode, replace the BAD drive Here is a how to replace a BAD drive in ANY raid5/6/10/1 - HOT SWAP the drive You may need to set the newly replaced drive as hot spare, within 45 seconds the raid will rebulid The worst thing you can do your raid volume is tunr it off the REPLACE the HDD