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    Fan on my Areca RAID card is going bad

    Here´s the answer of the Areca support: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can replace fan by a tranditional graphic card cooling fan. And because controller detect fan speed through power consumption of the fan, so please use a fan with similar specification. Our fan specification is 12VDC, 0.08Amp, 0.96Watt. and the dimension is 40.0 x 40.0 x 10.0 mm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems that it´s not possible to get the AD0412MB-G70 anymore that looks exactly the same. So you need to go with the standard format 40x40x10mm and it fan will be a little bit higher on the cooler. The price for the AD0412MB-G70 is 8 USD on ebay.
  2. ZH45

    Fan on my Areca RAID card is going bad

    I also had the problem of the fan going bad on my Areca 1220 Controller (i have several 1210, 1220). I attach two pictures, so people can see the model number of the fan. It says AD0412MB-G70 from Adda Corp, but you cannot simply order this model number! If you look for the model number on the web or eBay, you will see a fan with 10mm height. But your Areca controller the fan is "flat", it´s mounted about 2 mm higher (because a little bit of plastic is removed on the bottom side) and also the screws from the top are 5mm lower than on the 10mm fan. It wont fit, it will make everything higher so your controller may collide with the card in the next expansion slot. In addition to that, you will see fans with this model number with 0.08A and with 0.11A. I will try to look for the correct one and post a reply here if i found one