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    I'm based in the US -- but once I start my travel my home base will be by the month in different countries. Canon 5DsR yes - you are correct. Nice camera - killer on the storage. YES I alway's store to both drives in the camera. #3 -- is there a way (via software) to have the files copy to both drives at one time? I'm trying to minimize my mistakes. If it was a one "button" operation then I reduce the amount of times I messed up. Thanks for the suggestions
  2. Here's my question, I'm a photographer that will be on a long assignment (1+ years) and need to secure my images. I'm considering buying a Single enclosure that can hold 2 2.5" drives and using them as Security/Backup to each other. My plan is to copy my flash drive directly to both drives (no human intervention in selecting each drive). I need recommendations. Requirements to me: * Copy my images one time and lands on both drives * Powered by USB * Weight of the unit -- I'll be traveling, backpacking, flying and I can't manage much weight (considering all my camera equipment) * Drive capacity -- I'll want the largest drives I can manage About me: * I'll be using a Mac Air * Carrying a 50mp camera * Photo shopping along the way (typical file sizes are 2gb) * Hand carrying ALL my camera / storage solution onto the plane Thanks for your help OH - one last thing I'd love to use cloud storage but I don't believe I can trust the strength of the network or connection wherever I'll be.