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  1. LTO-6 drive to backup my video works

    LOL i buy bluray because I've got no time/no speed to download 'em and... I prefer to have phisically in my hand. btw... years of: my videos (from sd to 4k) my photos (from easy cam to pro raw files) my photoshop works my stuff something really important is mirrored but... only few tb are "safe"
  2. LTO-6 drive to backup my video works

    Mmm... it was my fear. The problem is the amount of hard disks (right now 80tb and growing) without a raid system (it would be too expensive for me). So I was thinking about a (expensive at beginning) solution to save the files but cheaper and safer than hard disk. Thanks for your precious support.
  3. LTO-6 drive to backup my video works

    Thanks for the superfast answer! I'd like to use a dedicated machine like a MicroServer HP ProLiant Gen8 with LTO inside. In this way could be fine...? Thanks!
  4. Hi to everyone. I'd like to buy a LTO-6 drive to backup my video works but... I'd like also to use it as a "normal" source for view the files on the net (with vlc from another computer or directly from a tv panel with WD TV LIVE or POPCORN A-4xx). I wasn't able to find any info about this kind of use so... I'm here to ask Is possible to do that? Thanks in advance! Leo