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  1. having fun string-matching names of drugs from var sources to @vmdgovuk PID. saved a lot of time/pain by using simple heuristic for 1st cut

  2. RT @JustineStafford: Now she's falling asleep, and I'm calling a crab.

  3. @rhodri better visibility, like blue plasters used in food service. Not often you get blue food so they stand out

  4. @xeni reposts are deeply misogynistic and racist

  5. Bikes ride significantly nicer after being maintained. Fancy that.

  6. @cheekytaylor79 Balwin St/ St Stephen's St?

  7. @jephjacques whelp that took like less than a minute

  8. I see all those London folks finally got on the "ZOMG red sky" train. Pfft, guys, we were doing that in Bristol waaaay before all y'all

  9. New bladerunner was good, very good. Beautifully shot, great story well acted and who doesn't love a Zimmer soundtrack

  10. I did not know this was a thing. Worrying indeed

  11. @alicebell @marynmck @RUMA_UK has a website - that's very good for a UK picture

  12. RT @MutantBug: The AMR bit Liz Wellington and I did is here, at the top of the programme. Got a bit excited at the end, sorry.... https://…

  13. RT @bengoldacre: Measuring things is not simple. Question your tools and all your assumptions. Magnificent video.

  14. RT @edyong209: This is ridiculous. It's the attitude of desperate people, scrabbling for power while the ground shifts beneath them https:/…

  15. @TheRealRevK @Ofcom yeah but 50% will always be above average!