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  1. @OnePlus_UK that's one of the dumbest bits of Wikipedia vandalism I've ever seen

  2. RT @PoppyCocktails: Not sure am happy with Americans saying the UK would 'riot' if Trump's visit had gone ahead, we are pretty capable of o…

  3. @Ecsaln What about that white dog stinker, eh?

  4. RT @garwboy: Siri, show me "hubris"

  5. @UKHomeopathyReg And yet there are still those out there who try to use them as 1st line

  6. RT @AdamWagner1: A missing element of the reported story about Worboys is how important the Human Rights Act has been to this story - short…

  7. @chinnyhill10 @MarkReckons oh look, someone's already done it

  8. @electropura the sprout pizza chat lost me a couple :/

  9. Oh sweet, it's not forecast rain tomorrow, cycling to work should be pretty sweet... Oh, 49mph winds though

  10. Bugger, it's next year already!

  11. Utterly daft that Wiper and True will on sell you their own non-reusable "growlers" (only 750ml!!) for unspecified reasons.

  12. I'm generally a fan of the winter months and colder weather, apart from the fact that it seems to make my nose want…

  13. Isn't it great when ZFS can serve your entire test dataset from L2ARC (Intel DC P3600) over NFS on 40GbE?

  14. @BradyHaran if you want to know more/do a video about dog cognition I can hook you up with someone at Bristol vet school