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  1. @bobbyllew wind turbine blade?

  2. @gwendes @2000trees JFC, sort it out @2000trees you're better than putting on bands like that

  3. @christopherward bloody mac users...

  4. Hot boxing a ferret went surprisingly well! (F10 nebuliser, before you call the RSPCA)

  5. Once again, have to commend @HighcroftVet for their responsible use of antimicrobials (and great care). C&S on nasa…

  6. Hot water music tonight at the electric ballroom, can't wait. Very glad the car's passed the MOT

  7. @ubersoft so long as it's not the multi-drug resistant e-coli we get sent samples of and is increasingly common wor…

  8. Can't believe Biblos is shutting down, end of an era! It's like magic roll all over again *sobs*

  9. May as well, eh?

  10. .NET Core ConfigurationManager is utterly broken for xUnit unit tests. Have to pass in conf…

  11. @oxygenthiefYEAH @Dave__Brent @katt_j83 I think you mean "en croute"

  12. One day I'll learn how to spell Iechyd Da correctly

  13. @BrentO #ballin

  14. @Kav_Kaushik nah, he went off the deep end a few years back. Vote Leave and Trump

  15. @_Cabble Laci Green?