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  1. I think that's quite enough R for today. Time for a quick play/cuddle with the ferrets before bed :)

  2. @undevastator @josephfullernow Early community is still great but I'm surprised how long I stuck with it in its dec…

  3. Packed!

  4. @martinstaylor @jimalkhalili @RichardWiseman @chriscfrench originally on a tiled wall just up the road from the BRI in Bristol!

  5. @SeanKDLA @TwitterSupport it's a "feature"

  6. @cyberco cute!

  7. @qinxiesays forever, premises sold already, new cafe going in

  8. @eevblog what do you reckon to this one, Dave? Reduces mains supply to 220v for energy savings. Has a certain whiff

  9. @KeithOlbermann @MShapland @realDonaldTrump why is no one talking about the fact he sent them in THE FUTURE?!!!

  10. RT @LibDemPress: This isn't true. They bumped into each other and made small talk. Nothing about working together or deals…

  11. #LPT if you find yourself needing to give ear drops to a ferret, wait til they're asleep and sneak up on them #alsowinning

  12. @undevastator @thecharlotteem @electropura sorry diggidy dog was running a workshop yesterday

  13. @oxygenthiefYEAH canon?

  14. @Xtra_Mile @frankturner @BenMorse @polydorrecords @StudiocanalUK spoiler alert: @frankturner dies

  15. @GinjaNinja42 @igavels disgraceful that @twinklresources should be misleading our children like this!