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  1. @undevastator @thecharlotteem @electropura sorry diggidy dog was running a workshop yesterday

  2. @oxygenthiefYEAH canon?

  3. @Xtra_Mile @frankturner @BenMorse @polydorrecords @StudiocanalUK spoiler alert: @frankturner dies

  4. @GinjaNinja42 @igavels disgraceful that @twinklresources should be misleading our children like this!

  5. @thetomska if it's the end of your knob then I think we need video

  6. RT @shockproofbeats: This headline is among the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

  7. My current jam: the insane bass noodlings on the Shobaleader One version of "Squarepusher Theme"

  8. RT @jimwaterson: People mock The Canary. What no one likes to say is that, when it comes to going viral, they're now beating the MSM. https…

  9. RT @jamesrbuk: This is the second time *today* the Mirror chicken has been questioned by police.

  10. Check out these guys just chilling in Tesco's carpark

  11. Not saying there's a causal link between ferret ownership and good looks, but....

  12. Gallery of off-label fake butter brands / Boing Boing -

  13. @daanensen is the code on github at all? Can only seem to find the old version! Ta

  14. @swilliamsmp Want to borrow our lot for the campaign trail? I promise they won't bite (much) @thecharlotteem

  15. @CloveHitched @purplegril oh yeah "leg up + happy fellowed up", feel ya. (s/government/bursary in my case)