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  1. Check out these guys just chilling in Tesco's carpark

  2. Not saying there's a causal link between ferret ownership and good looks, but....

  3. Gallery of off-label fake butter brands / Boing Boing -

  4. @daanensen is the code on github at all? Can only seem to find the old version! Ta

  5. @swilliamsmp Want to borrow our lot for the campaign trail? I promise they won't bite (much) @thecharlotteem

  6. @CloveHitched @purplegril oh yeah "leg up + happy fellowed up", feel ya. (s/government/bursary in my case)

  7. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Who hasn't flown to a private island and befriended a Russian intelligence operative. I mean, really.

  8. RT @kimelenabullock: YES TO CHARGING FOR CUPS: "Consumers were less likely to be swayed by discounts on reusable cups than they were by fee…

  9. Briefly held up by traffic, I'll get you tomorrow!

  10. RT @deray: real life hungry-hungry hippo, brilliant.

  11. @markpack seems a bit off given what's currently unfolding, Mark

  12. RT @richardosman: I pay two celebrities to help with my laundry. Jeremy Irons and Ben Folds.

  13. Snoozle

  14. RT @DMReporter: THIS, STILL?: Wikileaks publish thousands of classified CIA documents; Mail readers hope they'll proof Barack Obama is a se…

  15. @Law_and_policy I've grown rather fond of "flats white" lately, but it has the side effect of my partner punching me when I use it