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  1. And ... ¿no deduplication? And in the end of the article it says.. "More efficient than dedupe for database copies"
  2. mrtiritas

    Is it an end of the Era for FC SAN?

    Agree with Matt. What i see is a change in the way we store data, and using more object storage every day. But that's for general data. For specific data, as Virtual machine volumes, i don't yet see another possibility. FC is the most stable for those environments.
  3. Totally Agree. "Recommended" means, basically "we paid for this to be at this level" 3par history, at least in the country i live in, is a history of failure. They caused a massive loss of service in one of the biggest Cloud Service Provider, and no one is buying HP storage here, unless it's given almost for free. Netapp is out of the game in SSD. PureStorage and Solidfire should be on Recommended, because they offer really great support and renew options, and performance is ok. The price for some of the other systems is so high...that the 2-3 year cycle that's actually working for SSD makes them unaffordable.