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    Patriot Blast 480GB SSD experiences?

    I send to Patriot link to this page and asked them to comment this "Data loss probably not, bugs...maybe. And if so, how long will it take for Patriot to get the fix from the controller manufacturer" but they did not answer at all.
  2. ssd-newbie

    Patriot Blast 480GB SSD experiences?

    Any good websites which lists SDDs and prices?
  3. ssd-newbie

    Patriot Blast 480GB SSD experiences?

    It looks like it's cheapest in many stores and that's why i'm interested. I don't need super fast specs. Does it have any data loss bugs etc?
  4. Have anybody here had good/bad experiences with Patriot Blast SSD?
  5. ssd-newbie

    Multi bay SDD?

    Thanks. I was trying to find more inexpensive system. I don't need Thunderbolt. What file formats do the Professional Workflow storage drives support? The storage drives support, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS files systems. The storage drives do not support the Mac® Extended (journaled) format. If you format your drive in this format, the LED lights will not work properly and it may (in rare instances) corrupt the drive. If this happens, please contact customer service for a resolution.
  6. ssd-newbie

    Multi bay SDD?

    Anybody know similar inexpensive product than this which is Mac-compatible? These don't work with Macs. I don't need any memory card reader stuff just multi bay for SSDs. Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 Lexar Professional Workflow DD256 (256GB USB 3.0 storage drive) Lexar Professional Workflow DD512 (512GB USB 3.0 storage drive)
  7. ssd-newbie

    Samsung 850 EVO SSD 2TB Review

    What do you think of this? He says Evo 850 is OK at least in Macs: From: