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    Adding 1TB SSD drive to a laptop - compatability?

    Hey continuum Thanks for your reply. I have done some research in Google but no-one mentions having tried a 1TB SSD in a laptop yet. So in terms of compatability it would be try and see.
  2. Hi Guys I'm looking at adding purchasing a new 13" laptop. Something like a Dell XPS 13 (9343) or Toshiba Kira. The max hard drive size they come with is 256GB SSD. I need a lot more space so would like to stick an aftermarket 1TB SSD drive into it. I believe these laptop comes with mSATA SSD drives. I've upgraded hard drives in the past but am unsure if the bios on new laptops can handle 1TB SSD drives. I was thinking of installing a Samsung 850 EVO Series 1TB mSATA SSD (MZ-M5E1T0BW). Has anyone added a 1TB SSD drive to a laptop before? Did they experience any compatability issues? Am I better off with a laptop that supports 2.5" SSD drives or is mSATA going to be ok? Anything I should watch out for? Kind Regards Jimmy