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  1. Thanks for the reply but trying to do this on Mac. I've tried on my gf' Surface Pro 2 with Windows 10 and my buddies laptops with Windows 7&8 but no program seems to work. I've read that you should be able to format up to a 16TB drive into FAT32. I already checked out that h2Format however can't get it running on any of the Windows OS' and it's all in German! lol A bunch of posts in that forum say the PS3 cannot read past 2TB but that's not true since I use my 4TB WD external drive no problem. Using it in the PS3 isn't that crucial however the MyGica media player is more important. Tried exFAT but for some reason once I start copying files to it, it stops copying @ 45GB and then shuts down. Just surprised there is absolutely no info on why the 8TB drive cannot be reformatted in FAT32
  2. Hey, I just purchased a Seagate 8TB Backup Plus and would like to format it to FAT32 so my PS3/4 or MyGica ATV380 media player will read it. Disk Utility for Mac can't seem to do anything over 4TB. Any info would be great! thank you Ryan
  3. Does anybody know how to format this drive into FAT32 so I can use it with my media player and ps3/ps4? Mac disk utility can't seem to do anything higher then 4tb!