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    Database Backup Storage Advice

    HI Kevin, thanks for the pointers, I'll have a good look at the EMC and Exagrid....
  2. mrpugster

    Database Backup Storage Advice

    Hi Kevin The main backups that take most of the size are does using RMAN which isn't compressed. The MYSQL and SQL Server are tiny in comparison. The MySQL aren't being compressed either. Looking for more a branded solution For retention looking for 10 days to start with. Was thinking about a tape system to archive off for longer retention. It's a question the DB team haven't been able to provide an answer to. Here's the network info: Site 1 and Site 2 are connected via a 30GB Fiber link, at the switch level are 10GB SFP Nexus switches, distance is 100 Meters. Site 3 is 40 miles away connected via a dedicated 1GB link.
  3. Hi guys, I would appreciate some help... I'm currently looking into DB backup. I've got about 60 different DB's that each have a full backup every night. Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server - around 1TB a night I would say. Previously budget has been limited so it's been a mix of old Dell Kit, MD1200's etc, some old QNAP arrays. I want to give our DB Team 3 identical disk arrays in 3 different locations for them to write their backups to. Network is 10GB. Having used Dell MD1200's and had to provide front-end servers Ideally I'd like to go for all in one contained solutions. I've had a very brief play with Windows 2012 R2 Deduplication and it looks interesting and has the potential of saving a vast sum of space but I've been burnt in the past with Windows compression tech, so the jury's still out on this one. Basically looking for 2U or 3U SATA 6/8TB, 10GB, maybe something with dedup, although this would push the price up I think - don't have any experience with dedup I'm afraid. Have around $50K to spend maybe little more. I'd be really thankful for any ideas. Regards Pete