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    MegaRaid WebBios problem on LSI 9265-8i

    Bump, anyone has any input to this?
  2. andersr

    MegaRaid WebBios problem on LSI 9265-8i

    Thanks for the replies. Kevin > I am running Windows 10, but afaik you cannot change the stripe size after you have initialized the array? qasdfdsaq > For some reason there are no support or downloads for the 9265 after Avagotech has taken over LSI, there were on before. Perhaps the pre-boot gui is the same as the webbios? In any case, as i just wrote to Kevin i don't think you can change the stripe size after having initialized the array, and since i'm running on one big array i need to initialize before installing the OS.
  3. andersr

    MegaRaid WebBios problem on LSI 9265-8i

    Because i assumed thats what you use for configuring the array, but now that you ask it dawns on me that there is preboot cli also at boot up, is that a console alternative to the webbios? I'm just a home user so using a gui was the easiest way for me to setup the array.
  4. I have a LSI 9565-8i card where i run four SSD's in raid 0. I'v had the card for a few years and originally had a problem with not being able to set the stripe size i wanted, the webbios simply reverted to 256kb no matter what i did. I have lived with 256kb and the performance penalty it gives for the things i do, but i have now upgraded to Windows 10 and decided to fix the problem. I have upgraded the firmware to 23.33.0-0023 thinking this would solve the problem but the webbios still changes back to 256 in stripe size when i chose to save a new setup. The webbios is version 6.1-73-00 and i dont think it was updated with the firmware of the card. My questions are: - Can i upgrade the webbios, if so how - i cannot find a dedicated download for this at (Which now owns LSI) - Has anyone else experienced the same, and if to how did you fix it? Thanks Anders