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  1. I'm looking for a fast, diskless Windows RAID 5 (or RAID 6) DAS solution with 4 or 5 bays to use with some old WD 3TB SATA drives. My use case is general file copying (often hundreds of gigabytes) and multimedia I/O. Price isn't a huge issue, thought I get disconcerted / skeptical comparing a $700 Drobo 5D to a $160 Mediasonic. USB3 seems a likely low-priced candidate, but I'd happily go Thunderbolt / eSATA / eSAS / ISCSI if it made an appreciable speed difference. I'd be willing to look beyond the drop-in consumer market if a well supported business product made more sense. I half / secretly believe that a name brand eSAS RAID and simple case is probably my best option, I'm just lost in that world. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!