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    Upgrade SSD W540 Lenovo

    The main things I use my laptop for is photography editing and lots of GoPro editing. There is some gaming with N.F.S.M.W. Aside from that, its just a daily driver.
  2. Hazmatt

    Upgrade SSD W540 Lenovo

    Thanks Brian- will I see any dramatic performance increases from the samsung vs the ssd that came in my w540? I'm not sure what came in the unit.
  3. Hazmatt

    Upgrade SSD W540 Lenovo

    I ended up getting this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147361&cm_re=samsung_pro_ssd-_-20-147-361-_-Product Hopefully its the right one...lol
  4. Hey all- I have a w540 laptop. It has a tiny 128gig SDD. I'm looking to upgrade to a larger one. There is lots of info on the w520....but I'm not seeing much for the W540. does anyone have some good suggestions? The Samsung ones that I've seen for the W520 look pretty nice. Help a newbie out. I'm lost when it comes to this stuff.