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  1. Hi People, I have a Sony Vaio Flip 14A with a 1Tb HDD and I just bought a 1 TbSamsung 850 EVO SSD to replace it. This is my first time of cloning and replacing so correct me if I did something wrong. 1) I connected the new SSD with USB and opened Macrium Reflect. 2) I selected all the partitions from the internal HDD as the source disk and dragged them to the SSD as the destination disk. There are 8 partitions !!!! It was fairly easy as both drives are 1Tb. 3) Started the cloning process. After cloning finished, my SSD opened up as an external hard drive and I saw that all my files were there identical. I even checked with Macrium or any partition manager and saw that all partitions were identical. I opened up my laptop, replaced the SSD and found that there is an error screen: RECOVERY, Your PC needs to be repaired, a required device isnt connected or cant be accessed, Error code: 0xc0000225, youll need to use recovery tools .. bla bla bla. if i just take the SSD out and put my OEM HDD in, everything works. I tried swapping them a couple of times but same error message with the SSD. Can someone please help me with a solution or if i did something wrong? Thanks.