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  1. HGST support said that it was an idle maintenance feature. Actually it does not stop even if you run HDD benchmarks. It ticks constantly. Those other occasional noises do not give much confidence either. I am reluctant to use it. Premium paperweight.
  2. Do you have the model I listed? Maybe you were able to hear ticking?
  3. Model - HUH728080ALE604. Serial number - 2EG5VXVP. Firmware - A4GNW514. Manufacturing date - 2015 February
  4. I have an issue with this drive. The drive kind of ticks every 5 seconds when idle. No operations are being performed in Windows 8.1 Pro while this is happening and there is no monitoring software running of any kind. Running extended SMART test with Windows Drive Fitness software (version does not detect anything. Test passes. Does not seem to be SATA port issue, because the same SATA port was used with HGST 4TB model and worked fine. The same ticking exist even when running drive in external enclosure. Here is a link to sound sample recorded few centimeters away from HDD: I had 6TB HE6 version and it had the same issue. HGST support says that it is an idle maintenance "feature". Seams weird. This "feature" ruins silent idle spin of a drive and makes it worse than louder spinning one. Has anyone noticed this while using theirs or while testing?