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    Mini-UPS NAS Worth a Look?

    Thanks for the responses everyone!
  2. Vikings1985

    Mini-UPS NAS Worth a Look?

    Thank you for the reply. Right, I forgot to mention the model I saw, it was the N5810PRO you mentioned. The rest of the specs look decent with the Celeron CPU, 4 GB RAM, and 5 LAN Ports (Not sure I will need all of these but interesting). I didnt see the older models but something modern is absolutely a most. I haven't come across a review yet, maybe I will and see what the judges have to say first.
  3. I've had my unit connected to an external UPS for some years now because I live in an area with frequent hurricanes. Looks like Thecus released a NAS with a mini-UPS inside. I haven't found a lot of information about the capabilities of the battery but it does look interesting. Do you think a built-in battery will be as sustainable as the external ones? Im planning to update a NAS so and considering this. Thanks.