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    Drobo Releases New B810i iSCSI SAN

    Are they kidding? That price is nuts for what it's delivering. Drop $500 and add two more 1g ethernet ports and then we'll talk. Or, keep the price and swap the pair of 1g ports for a pair of 10g ports.
  2. I had the 214play and it's disappointing that the new version dropped the hot swap bays. The new design really cheapens the unit. It's a shame.
  3. ZFS is and has been the crown jewel of Solaris. Love it.
  4. Well, in the absence of any other information, I'll recommend the Drobo Mini. Decent performance, 4 bay expandability and very easy management are the top three features that come to mind. If you can share any more details on your requirements, Sparky, I'm sure we can make a recommendation that maybe more suited to your specific needs.
  5. Yup, that's very true. Plus, with the addin card you'll have more compatibility issues to think about. Stick with Kevin's approach and don't worry about what the internet says your SSD should do. Best wishes!
  6. Well, good work on SR's part. Consider is a lesson learned about Nutanix though. It's a shame how they're handling it. Our Nutanix stuff works well for what it is.
  7. Thanks for the in depth coverage. It's too easy to gloss over the details but this article should do a good job of establishing the reality in a lot of people's minds. I just wish I'd thought of it.
  8. DustinT

    VMware Virtual SAN Review

    Good point about cross shopping. vSAN will probably gain a much high market penetration since it's bundled with ESXi and it's likely only a matter of a few more years before VMware is throwing it in for free. But, if Nutanix is providing better performance, it would be good to clearly understand the use case for each. Thanks for what you all are doing, it's great coverage you provide.
  9. DustinT

    It's pretty quiet here these days.

    I agree, there is a significant change in people's interest. My strictly ancedotal point of view is that so much of tech is getting consumerized and turned into a commodity. There will always be those who want to dive deep and understand what's going on under the hood, but I'm afraid we're getting out numbered. Now, that may not be a bad thing if we can continue to find ways to provide some useful service to our friends and employers. Time will tell. Oh, and change is constant. That to me is the main factor. So, I'm just trying to enjoy the ride.
  10. DustinT

    VMware Virtual SAN Review

    Terrific, I'll look forward to that. I don't suppose there is any change you can present anything on VSA versus Nutanix?
  11. DustinT

    VMware Virtual SAN Review

    Nice overview. When do you plan on having the perf test results online?
  12. DustinT

    Samsung 850 EVO SSD 2TB Review

    Terrific product. It's a tremendous amount of very fast storage for a price that's actually reasonable for mere mortals to afford. Love it. To your point in the article about Samsung being the market leader, I agree. They are my go-to recommendation for SSDs. Considering the prices, reliability and performance, they're hard to beat.
  13. Has anyone tried this out? It's got my interest.
  14. 5400 RPM drives are typically considered a lower cost, lower performance options. One of the nice side benefits is many run cooler than their faster spinning counterparts. Considering what you've stated in your post, I have to ask if there's a specific reason you feel you need a 1 TB drive? Your *most* reliable option in storage is an SSD, plus they take less power, run cooler, etc... I recommend you take a close look at how much capacity you really need from your laptop's storage and then look at SSD options from Intel or Samsung that have the desired capacity. If you do, in fact, require a 1 TB internal drive for your laptop you can find a name brand SSD for $300-350. If you do want a mechanical drive, I've had good results with WD's drives. Their 'BLUE' line is designed for laptops and that's probably what you're looking for. Perhaps Brian or someone else can pop in with a more specific recommendation.
  15. DustinT

    LSI WOnt allow to add SSD Caching

    Is your SSD on the hardware compatibility list for that controller?
  16. DustinT

    Where did my HDD capacity go?

    WinDirStat is my favorite tool for finding lost space. Very effective.
  17. DustinT

    Question about interview am to much

    Lol, that's a pretty naive point of view. I wonder if that company has any experience with data loss. They'd learn quickly not to trust a SAN. They serve a purpose, but backup shouldn't be it.
  18. Well, I have to be careful not to speak too highly Synology when I haven't used QNAP. I know QNAP has an outstanding reputation too. But, for my needs Synology has been stellar. They have excellent on-disk encryption support and have apps for Android, iOS, etc... there's a very effective Web client that works nicely on the Linux boxes I've tried it from. Plus support for all the file sharing protocols you can imagine. Connectivity won't be a problem. Regarding offline access to files, Synology allows you to create offline copies of folders using their app called DS File. I've used it on iOS and it works fine. It doesn't have the automatic deletion of old stuff you were asking for, but if you don't mind a little manual management, it'll do the job. On backups, you've got a few options. With an existing WD NAS device, you can just schedule a backup job on the Synology and it will back up to the WD device. Also, it supports some nice cloud providers so you can (selectively) backup folders to the cloud, including built in support for encryption. I don't remember the name, but I know they have out of the box for a EU or UK based cloud provider. Might be all you need. Perhaps someone more familiar with QNAP can comment on what their support is like. I expect it's probably quite similar to Synologys.
  19. Great. I'll look forward it. If I see any interesting behavior from my NAS, I'll let you know.
  20. I'm curious if you're planning any reviews of 5.2? I'm running it on a1815+ with ssd caching and 36tb of raw capacity and it's performing nicely. My IO needs are relatively modest but this supports a home lab for me and so far, so good.
  21. I know this is an older thread, but I think just a simple Synology unit would solve your issues. By now, I suppose you've got this sorted out. Can you share how you chose to do it?