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    Nutanix community beta

    Hi guys, Did anyone notice the Nutanix software is open for community in a beta program? I just found out and going to try this in my home lab! Cheers, Robert
  2. Awesome. I'm looking to upgrade my current setup ( also nexenta running on HP gen8, but limited on the SAS bus because of the HP 12G HBA not being compatible with Nexenta ). What doe a setup like this cost ~?
  3. Is the bad write performance due to ZFS copy on write limitations? I'm very curious why the latency spikes so soon. Did you also speak with Nexenta ( Andy )?
  4. Hi guys, This is not a Samsung bash topic so please keep it clean. I recently came across this blog from Angolia ( big search engine ). And there is some very important stuff about the Samsung SSD Trim and Linux. I thought I might share this with you
  5. RobertG

    Import Samsung SSD information

    I wonder if this also is the case with the NVME/SATAe Samsung drives. I have a HP Z turbo drive which uses such a drive. Will try to find a way to test this.
  6. RobertG

    Import Samsung SSD information

    I think it's because of Angolia uses a very big amount of them since they use allot of SSD's for their search engine. I recently was at a presentation of Angolia at the Leaseweb tech summit, and he kind of told a bit of this story but not mentioning any names. But maybe other people will now start complain about this.
  7. RobertG

    LSI WOnt allow to add SSD Caching

    Is this cachecade you are talking about? Isn't this a licensed feature on the LSI controller?
  8. You might want to check if your MBR parition is still in tact ( unless you are in UEFI mode because then you would be in a GPT situation ). Did you try to do a MBR check/recovery?
  9. RobertG

    SQL Server Performance Comments

    We are running 3 SQL 2012 Standard machines on a vSphere 5.5 environment icm NexentaStor 4.0.3 Enterprise. NexentaStor is configured to work in a tiered config using all HP hardware. This is what we use in production. If you want more info just ask. I'm hosting +/- 1TB of MSSQL db's right now. In our reporting environment I'm experimenting a bit with local all flash arrays and RAM disks. And I got to say when properly configured this is a must have in every reporting environment. Even un-indexed stuff is awfully fast!