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  1. Awesome. I'm looking to upgrade my current setup ( also nexenta running on HP gen8, but limited on the SAS bus because of the HP 12G HBA not being compatible with Nexenta ). What doe a setup like this cost ~?
  2. Is the bad write performance due to ZFS copy on write limitations? I'm very curious why the latency spikes so soon. Did you also speak with Nexenta ( Andy )?
  3. RobertG

    Import Samsung SSD information

    I wonder if this also is the case with the NVME/SATAe Samsung drives. I have a HP Z turbo drive which uses such a drive. Will try to find a way to test this.
  4. RobertG

    Import Samsung SSD information

    I think it's because of Angolia uses a very big amount of them since they use allot of SSD's for their search engine. I recently was at a presentation of Angolia at the Leaseweb tech summit, and he kind of told a bit of this story but not mentioning any names. But maybe other people will now start complain about this.
  5. Hi guys, This is not a Samsung bash topic so please keep it clean. I recently came across this blog from Angolia ( big search engine ). And there is some very important stuff about the Samsung SSD Trim and Linux. I thought I might share this with you
  6. RobertG

    LSI WOnt allow to add SSD Caching

    Is this cachecade you are talking about? Isn't this a licensed feature on the LSI controller?
  7. RobertG

    Nutanix community beta

    Hi guys, Did anyone notice the Nutanix software is open for community in a beta program? I just found out and going to try this in my home lab! Cheers, Robert
  8. You might want to check if your MBR parition is still in tact ( unless you are in UEFI mode because then you would be in a GPT situation ). Did you try to do a MBR check/recovery?
  9. RobertG

    SQL Server Performance Comments

    We are running 3 SQL 2012 Standard machines on a vSphere 5.5 environment icm NexentaStor 4.0.3 Enterprise. NexentaStor is configured to work in a tiered config using all HP hardware. This is what we use in production. If you want more info just ask. I'm hosting +/- 1TB of MSSQL db's right now. In our reporting environment I'm experimenting a bit with local all flash arrays and RAM disks. And I got to say when properly configured this is a must have in every reporting environment. Even un-indexed stuff is awfully fast!