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  1. Good idea. I should plan how I'll make the partitions. Or to be more precise, get one for encrypted data and one for unencrypted data. Is it possible to resize encrypted/non-encrypted partitions? In case I'd get more data that should be encrypted, as I'd still like to keep more space on the unencrypted partition for various tasks (like video editing).
  2. Hmm. I edit videos a couple of times a month on average. Or in other words, I probably spend 50h/month editing videos. Sometimes twice that, sometimes half that. Considering that, would it still be worth the quite higher premium price? Mentioning because people often misinterpret when I tell that I work with web development or programming or video editing or whatever else. I don't do any of it much, it's not my job, it's just my hobby. I enjoy tinkering with tech.
  3. I do more than daily use, from photo editing to video editing to programming, to other tasks. Anyway, I really like the Samsung 850, though I'm torn between Evo and Pro. I'm thinking 250/256GB, since 128GB would probably limit me more than I'd like, and I can't afford 512GB even though it would be really nice to have that, as I could use it for video editing as well. Which one would you guys recommend? They both seem great, though Pro costs quite a bit more, so considering I'm not super-rich, I'd prefer to spend less. However I'm afraid Pro is considerably/noticeably better. After all, why else would it cost so much more, surely it can't be only because of the extra five years of warranty.
  4. Since I'm not sure how else to answer this, I'll just describe what I need it for. I like taking notes that I consider private, I'm a writer who doesn't want his material to be seen until I feel that it's finished (I'm sure you can relate being a publisher here). I also have a project that I'm working on that I will turn into a business in the future. That and some copies of confidential documents that would just cause me a lot problems, should those snoopy relatives see them. I know, it's unusual, but that's the kinda people I've to deal with. I need to protect it from relatives who are extremely snoopy and happen to have a key to my apartment, one of them is very tech savvy and could be relatively determined to get his hands on the data. I also live in a country with fluctuating governmental situation, and recently heard of quite a few unsolicited searches based on someone "tipping" them that you may be a spy, or even based on something on your social network that could be considered unpatriotic. So, in case of that, I'd like my information to be protected, not because it would cause me problems with the government (nothing illegal going on), but because I value my privacy, and whatever I do, is mine to share. In other words, it's not NSA-class decryption threat we're talking about, but definitely higher than a kid trying to open a password-protected doc file. Hope that answers your question.
  5. I've been reading an article about really bad encryption implementation in most SSDs. I figured on a site like this, someone ought to know something. Apparently Samsung 840 was rated as good, as well as some Intel drives. Now there's Samsung 850, so I wonder how well is it implemented in that drive, as well as other, cheaper drives? The 850 EVO is much cheaper, but the performance benchmarks seem pretty sketchy compared to 850 PRO, so I might have to save up bit more. Anyway, any advice on a drive with a well-implemented encryption that's on the cheaper end, performs well, and is over 240GB would be appreciated!