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    What's going on with Toshiba's HDDs ?

    Two months indeed, here two of the french retailers I mentioned : LDLC & and as you can see they're both running out of stock. Same on where only two results are displayed with a few units left. I guess it's just too soon.
  2. Hello there, Lately I've found myself being interested in Toshiba's MD series hard drives, especially the 5 TB drives since they boast the best per terabyte value, for €36.998 VAT/TB (at least here in France). Willing to check my assumptions, I've been browsing the web for reviews but hardly found anyone reviewing those drives. Then I read a handful of consumers complaining about the drives being noisy (for both desktop use or NAS array) whereas some others were praising their quietness. While noise level is a non-factor for me (proper noise reduction will always do the trick) I guess this could have leaned/leant people toward other brands. But there is something I can't figure out : on many french hardware retailers the drives are out of stock! So what's going on? Are the drives selling like they should? Is the whole line fake marketing from Toshiba ( Is there any malfunctions? Is Toshiba shipping back the drives (I guess not, but maybe a revision is planned)? Or maybe the drives are not being advertised/reviewed properly and therefore people tends to play it safe and does not buy the disks, resulting in absolutely 0 feedback on the MD series thus creating a never ending cycle of misconception on the real value of those hard drives. Anyway, I'm asking you guys : what's going on? Thank you for reading. P.S. The drives are the Toshiba MD Series PX3010E-1HQ0 (5 TB) This .pdf even mentions a 6 TB drive, the PX3013E-1HR0, which seems yet to be released (google only displaying 8 results, all Toshiba's links)