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  1. Yeah, unfortunately Gigabyte e-support either appear to have not escalated the issue past their level one (log n flog) support team to the real technical people...sigh
  2. Win 8 Features - Other OS Storage Boot Option control - Legacy only Other PCI Device ROM Priority - Legacy only Let me know if you need any other info
  3. Yes - it works in another system
  4. MB Bios update - now PC wont boot with areca 1260 plugged in I flashed my Gigabyte x99-ud4 motherboard bios a couple of days ago and since then my system wont boot with the Areca 1260 plugged in. It wont display any output to monitor and is non responsive to any keystroke. Ive tried: Rolling back to the origonal BIOS (F6) Upgrading to the latest BIOS (F12) And everything in between (F6-12) Clearing the CMOS Tried swapping the raid card to the first PCI-e slot (in case it had issues on a x4 slot) Removed the BBU Im looking for another stick of RAM to test with and another system but am starting to get desperate (16tb offline until I can fix this) Any help would be much appreciated System Gigabyte x99-ud4 rev1 (Current BIOS F11) WIn 8.1pro (installed on revo 256gb pci ssd) areca 1260 6x4tb in RAID6