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  1. I recently bought a new 8TB Archive disk (ST8000AS0002). Unfortunately, writing large amounts of data to this disk almost always results in timeouts where the write process stalls for minutes and eventually the OS decides the disk is not accessible any more, resets the SATA bus or even deactivates the SATA port (until the next reboot). This of course results in corrupted files. I already changed cables, disk location in my PC, and actually had the disk itself replaced too. SMART information and selftests of the disk do not show any failures or errors. I know the design of SMR drives require an internal reorganization when large amounts of data are being written but I would have expected this to result in slower but somewhat constant write rates, not write stalls taking more than a minute. Is this behaviour intentional? If so, is there a maximum allowed stall time that I can configure somwhere? Thank you! Hardware: MSI-7817 Haswell chipset, i5-4570 CPU, 8GB RAM