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    Segate 8TB SMR wont detect horizontally ?

    Most definitely tried multiple cables. Looks like its the disk. I guess ill send it back. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hi, I recently received my Segate 8TB archive SMR HDD and im experiencing the strangest issue. Im not sure if its a fault or not. When installed horizontally, the right way up, it will not detect. Ive tried multiple PCs. When held or installed vertically or horizontally upside down, it detects and seems to function normally for an SMR disk. Im using it as a main storage drive for video in my home server, other disks being used for anything with more regular writes. I have managed to get it installed upside down, but this might not always be an option if i change the server hardware or something. Im concerned if it is a fault that its got more chance of experiencing issues down the line or not detecting at all. As much as i try and backup, i really dont want to have to go through that without warning and im trying to decide to RMA the drive (my supplier doesnt seem to want to respond to me DOA request). Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Is it how the drive is made? Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.