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  1. @deadmau5 That's like... maybe one cord...

  2. @dejavudea I think you're a few months early/late on that tweet ;)

  3. RT @MayorBowser: Tonight the Wilson Building turns green in honor of DC's continued commitment to the #ParisAgreement. #ClimateMayors https…

  4. @deadmau5 Why no IPS?

  5. RT @StephenAtHome: TONIGHT! Bad news: Trump revealed Top Secret intel to the Russians. Good news: Trump found the leaker!

  6. @MalloryOnTravel @CharlesMcCool @smithsonian @airandspace @TheTravelCamel @FunInFairfax @always5star…

  7. The only good #trumpcare news is that the PTSD you develop as a result of it passing will be a new condition.

  8. @deadmau5 No more Skittles?

  9. @dwarfcraft @deadmau5 Need video of you playing with this please =)

  10. @deadmau5 Man, that's a lot of space for laptop placement =)

  11. @MasonAlumni Wait, we get alumni shirts? I graduated 7 years ago, can I still get one? =)

  12. @tekwendell So do you know the difference between ioDrives and NVMe yet?

  13. @always5star @FunInFairfax White balance changes rapidly as the sun goes down. If you made them both the same white…

  14. @dekisu This is what I see: