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  1. @deadmau5 good times.

  2. @DrDisRespect Your Gillette was just snuck into @deadmau5's stream =)

  3. @ampressman Remember when you said this wasn't going to happen?

  4. "If you don't eat at Red Lobster, happy fellow you!"

  5. @jdulemba #unlimitedpto

  6. @LinusTech The volume knob on your kbd is linked to your xsplit, thats why the live stream went quiet every time you turned the volume down

  7. @hitRECordJoe My fiance was just watching Dr. Quinn and somehow I was the one that recognized you. What a great show.

  8. @danieljamiri @timothy_stanley @DalaiLama @hblodget No, Hammurabi's code includes eye for an eye, common sense allo…

  9. @deadmau5 double bind your crouch/jump like this:

  10. @caz6277 @deadmau5 He has two cubes. One big heavy motorized one, and one lightweight one that isn't motorized. Nee…

  11. Watch the speech that should end the Confederate monuments debate for good

  12. @find_evil Not at gigabit speeds it doesn't. Best I ever got out of one of those was 85mbit

  13. RT @starhavenstudio: When I see the #Otakon posts and I can't go.

  14. @TheRealTommyK Caught you mid-air tonight! Great show!

  15. RT @bynkii: Einstein was a scientist. He said this to mock people like Ivanka Trump and her idiot family.