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    WD Black vs Blue for gaming PC

    The 2013 WD Black is looking more and more like a bad joke... I should definitely change to a WD Blue. WD Black: WD Blue:
  2. TheNoseKnows

    WD Black vs Blue for gaming PC

    I don't know, but apparently it's true. I saw these posts by WD staff members on their forum:
  3. I'm currently planning a gaming PC, using an SSD for my OS and a 1TB WD Black WD1003FZEX for storage. However, I only just found out that the cheaper WD Blue WD10EZEX is actually faster! What in the world? I have to admit, I picked it purely on the reputation of the old Caviar Black, so no, I don't know very much about hard drives. The new Black does seem to retain an advantage when it comes to reliability and warranty period, but I'm no longer sure it's right for me since all I really want is faster loading times for any games not on my SSD. Given that Games and Stuff™ will take up the most space by far on the hard drive, should I stick with the Black, go for the Blue to save some money, or choose something else entirely?