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  1. Hi, since a couple of days we have a problem with our good old Areca ARC-1160 RAID System. As you can see in Screenshot attached we have two RAID6 Sets each with two urgent Volumes. First Raid Set (#00) is working fine. On Raid Set # 01 we have to problems. First Volume of Raid Set # 01 is also OK, but second Volume Set ARC-1160-VOL#03 (0/0/3) is just in failed state. Status page of failed Volume set is also attached as screenshot. In log we can see that Rebuilding ARC-1160-VOL#03 failed because of Reading Errors on IDE Channel 4 HDD. So we replaced IDE Channel 4 HDD and controller started to rebuild ARC-1160-VOL#02. ARC-1160-VOL#03 is still in failed state. So we tried to make a drive clone of IDE Channel 4 HDD using dd, but it fails with Read Input errors. Now we don't know what to try next. We wrote to Areca support, but we read that it can take several days. Maybe one of you have an idea. Thanks for your help and I know that we have to make backups next time.