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  1. @krakenfx Is it a real upgrade. Or just mtgox 2?

  2. RT @msmobiles: Microsoft patches new Adobe Flash Zero-day vulnerability

  3. RT @RedmondPie: CES 2018: Samsung 146-Inch MicroLED Modular TV, LG 65-Inch Rollable OLED TV, NVIDIA 65-Inch G-SYNC TV Announced https://t.c…

  4. RT @msmobiles: Intel’s upcoming 802.11ax chipsets will support up to 40 percent faster Wi-Fi

  5. @krakenfx I can not withdraw any of my currency (XBT, ETH, EUR). That functionality is disabled.

  6. RT @Marvel: Get ready for battle with this die-cast 'Iron Man 3' Igor collectible from @ComicaveStudios! https://t.…

  7. If I get some time with that system alone. I will update dell's bios to latest one OR i will put a pci-x raid controller and things will be different. There is solution.
  8. Dell Precision T3500 Tower Computer Workstation. It sees other 3000GB drives as 700GB each. At BIOS/UEFI capacity of HDD is as is, but at Ctrl+I screen (configure RAID) recognized capacity is much less. With hdd enclosure "Icy Box IB-3662U3" Seagate ST5000AS0011 HDD is exactly 4600+GB * I have not full access for test and diagnose. Workstation was delivered by unknown tech guy from Germany
  9. Hi! I have new hdd - SEAGATE Archive HDD 5TB (ST5000AS0011) and my PC, because of its software RAID controller does not recognise full hdd capacity - it recognise under 600 Gb of hdd. That's why I'm looking for compatible HDD USB 3.0 enclosure. Please recommend me one. It's a kind of hurry. Best Regards!