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  1. Actualy these Dell FW is for 15k5 and 15k4 with I have. I check that disc with HP and original Seagate FW is models that use also Dell. Sometime user flash original Seagate FW over HP or Dell FW - that is what I also prefer, no problem with compatibility. If I not find original Seagate FW(that is what I also prefer), use Dell FW will be also good, its latest Dell FW for these disc. As I post, problem is that Dell utility not allow flash disc with non Dell FW even it's model compatible with these FW. I try again official Seagate support if they will help me.
  2. That is too expensive for my now, but if I not solve it, I will try ask some service with have these FW. Just flashing working HDD with new FW cannot be expensive and I mean that they will also agree to flash Seagate FW over HP and Dell. But still I try to do it myself. I already flash FW on many disc so I do not like to paid for such easy operation. If I find some utility with will accept that Dell FW it will be good. They are many utilities for flash various HDD FW, so may be way exist. SeaTool Enterprise can flash FW for example, utility is free for download on Seagate web but with FW it's harder. Its good that Dell has their HDD FW for download free, without even registration needed - very good example for others companies! Others companies do it most of time only if it's critical FW update. FW for optical drives and many standart desktop HDD is most of times free downloadable, but HDD FW for Enterprise series(FC, SAS, SCSI) not because its businesses with service companies... why not compel customer to paid more money when he already paid much more than is price of standard HDD So at least I try.
  3. My reason for flash is some problems with occured by using with LSI MegaRaid - 2(Latest FW on adapter) in some configurations. I have consulted it with LSI and they said that the fault will be cleared using newly FW & same one FW on all HDD of same model. Problem may be especialy that my same type of HDD's has FW not only of different version but of different brand(original Seagate, HP and Dell).
  4. I try register one of my disc on seagate(with has older FW, I have same one model with newly) but his page show me info - No firmware updates for this drive. So I need help of some 3rd party web site or person who archive HDD firmwares, I know that HDD manufacturers do not like to see that. Also options will be If someone can me tell with utility use to flash dell FW to HDD. After unpack Dell Nautilus I can extract FW for my discs(for X15 no, but most important for my is 15k5 - ST3146855LC and 15k4 - ST373454LW) but I not know with of many exe files is flash utility for Seagate Cheetah 15k HDD itself - it contain also FW for many Maxtor and Fujitsu HDD... These Dell FW is new or may be newly as latest original Seagate FW, so its not bad option if I find way how to flash it to all my disc. PS: Now I check more these files and probably none of these exe is standalone flash aplication, it probably work only together. But some DOS aplication (may be with command for not control FW brand) can flash these FW to HDD, SeaTool will probably not accept these FW even it's right FW for these HDD's. Have anyone tip for right FW flash utility for this job ?
  5. Hello, I need firmware update for Seagate Cheetah 15k4(ST373454LW) and 15k5(ST3146855LC) and also X15(ST336752LW). I have these disc but some of them is original Seagate and other is OEM HP or Dell and I like to flash all with newest Seagate original FW. So please let me know where I can find original Seagate FW for these HDD + flash utility. Best will be flash utility in Boot CD form if exist but DOS or USB etc. will be good to. For Dell drives I have Utility with have also latest Dell firmware for all my HDD, but that is not ideal solution for my. Also if I like to use it, I will must use just that FW and some extra utility because Dell Nautilus utility not detect disc with non-dell FW so cannot be flashed with Nautilus. Of course if you send me info on mail I will leave all FW and utility just for my - not any uploading anywhere. Many thanks for all infos.