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  1. I am interested in setting up a mirror of the Buffalo TeraStation that we use in the office with a storage device at a remote location so that my boss can work from home. I say mirror because we want the changes he makes at home to be reflected in the office and the changes made at the office to be reflected at his home. We are also interested in doing the same thing but with an online location or "Cloud" solution. So three mirrored locations. The mirroring or updating could occur periodically, preferably every night. Is this possible? We are open to suggestions and our existing equipment can be upgraded if necessary. We have the following (1) Buffalo TeraStation HS-DH1.0TGL/R5 (700GB total w/ 73% full so might need to be replaced or upgraded) (2) Western Digital My Book Live 2TB We use the TeraStation and one of the WD My Book Live in the office. The WD has acted as a backup but it has been a manual backup which we have not stayed on top of. The other WD My Book Live lives at my bosses house. My boss has voiced concerns about having to manually sync changes which is something he did when he would bring his laptop home. He would prefer not to have to do this. I'm not sure if that's possible Again, we are open to suggestions including new equipment. We do mostly documents and graphic design so large storage (greater than 4TB) is not really necessary. Also, is it an easy process to replace the drives on the TeraStation with larger capacity ones? Or does it make more sense, economically and efficiency wise, to just buy a whole new TeraStation? If this is the wrong place for this question, any suggestions for the right place greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. John
  2. I am wondering if you can make a recommendation on the hardrive type/manufacturer to use with the Synology? Amazon has a packaged option which uses 3tb western digital drives. Are these quality? Thanks again.