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  1. I'm trying to rebulid your preconditioning test with Fio. My problem is that i don't know how i can run the test 360min and get a result for each minute. I tried to handle it like this: [global] runtime=60 time_based ioengine=libaio direct=1 filename=/dev/sdc thread=0 rw=randrw group_reporting=1 numjobs=16 iodepth=16 blocksize=4k [1] rwmixread=0 stonewall [2] rwmixread=0 stonewall [3] rwmixread=0 stonewall ... and the steps [1], [2], [3] 360times. Then FIO returns an error: maximum number of jobs (2048) reached I need over 5000 jobs for my script. How can I fix that problem? Is it possible that you from Storage Review show how you do the preconditioning? Thanks