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  1. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    Do you have both consumer and enterprise grade SSDs? If so 8x SSDs in RAID 0 with; 1QD Seq Read & Write, 1QD 4K Read & Write. Thank you.
  2. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    It’s an option but i do care about boot drive performance. Looking at the review I can only see HGST SSDs tested no comparison with consumer grade. Also, no test results around 1QD, only 16 QD. Sadly the only 9361-8i review with consumer grade SSDs is using CrystalDiskMark. (that I have found so far)
  3. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    What would be the best options for both? Also, are you aware of any tests around enterprise SSDs vs consumer grade with something like the 9361-8i?
  4. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    Apologies for my delay. Yes, they are boot compatible but if you have multiple install only one is used for boot. E.g no raid 0,etc. Also, at 1QD we are only talking just above 1GB/s. Currently I can get more than 2GB/s at 1QD. Looking at a few reviews the 9361-8i latency is not much difference for raid 0, large difference for raid 10.
  5. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    Sadly 2x P3700s will not do the trick, as I am looking at boot support for some tests. The latency only occurred when using the IR firmware (raid 0) vs the IT firmware (direct). If I could just run the setup from DDR4 memory I would.
  6. stenrulz

    NVMe Hardware?

    Hello all, I am currently looking at a new Windows high performance storage build. This will be replacing my current LSI 9311-8i build. One of the main issues with the LSI SAS3008 was the latency. I am interested in NVMe and NVRAM. What hardware would you recommend for low QD applications, low latency, 5GB/s+, 200GB+, no redundancy required, boot support, under $5K? Thank you.