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    LSI SAS6160 Switch

    Hi Kevin Thanks for your reply. FC is out of my budget range unfortuntly. Also the JBOD's we have only have SAS interfaces and we need to reuse them with whatever I come up with. What I have read and understand about the SAS6160 I think I must be missing something as they seem to be a great idea, some of the benefits of a proper FC SAN e.g. Zoning but using much cheaper components i.e. LSI HBA's instead of FC adaptors etc... I cant help but think if they are as good as I think they are why is no one but LSI doing them. Paul
  2. edispah

    LSI SAS6160 Switch

    Hi Does anyone have any experience/feedback on using LSI SAS6160 Switch? I have outgrown my current set up and need a inexpensive way of utilising all the disks I can fit into some large JBOD's. I came across these LSI SAS switches that seem to tick all the boxes for what I want to do (carve up many disks in a JBOD between multiple servers), however im concerened that they have been around since 2010 but no other vendors appear to have equivalent products, I hate to be locked into one vendor and I presume the SAS switches have not really taken off otherwise other vendors would be making them? If anyone has any comments on them I would be greatful. Thanks Paul