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    Drive for iTunes

    I have considered one, but for the time being I am still opting to not invest in one. Couple of reasons, one being cost (the NAS and drives would likely put me over 600 dollars, and that is about 3 times what I want to swing right now). And then there's noise and power. As currently situated, my itunes server is on my home office desk, which is meer feet away from my bed. I last used a RAID array a few years back before I went with the 2TB current solution, and while it was nice, the enclosure was noisy. Not sure about the acousitcs of a synology or similar device, but that is one concern, and i know the ministack is quiet enough, having owned the PATA version of it as well. Other factor is, we are between homes, selling one before we buy and move into another, so we are crashing at the in laws. I am fine keeping things working but i am holding off on bigger investments until in a permanent home again. thats when I am putting in my racks again, running cat 6 with gig switches and the NAS, etc. Just not there yet. Leaning toward that green drive, or the seagate, as both are around 140... thanks!
  2. jmdeegan

    Drive for iTunes

    I am preparing to upgrade my external storage, which I use for my iTunes library. Currently, I have a WD Elements 2TB drive which is almost 3 years old and nearly full, hence the upgrade. This time. I have decided to pair an OWC ministack with my mac mini, putting either a 3TB or 4TB drive in to becoming the main iTunes drive. (Reason for the ministack is I want/need more USB ports, so this kills two birds with one stone, rather than getting a new external drive plus a powered hub). I was leaning toward the 4tb WD Green drive, as i think it's a good price point (about what I spent on the 2TB drive 3 years ago), so I should be good for at least another 3 years. However, as I was reading reviews, I did gain some concerns over the park timing. Most posts on this seem to indicate in order for me to change the timing, i need a windows desktop with a SATA connection in order to do it (and I do not have a windows desktop). Can i still do the command over a usb connection? and does the drive become a decent purchase, once the setting is turned off? My other idea was to get a WD Red in 3tb, as it is still in the same price range of ~135, even if I am giving up a TB. I am getting better about keeping my library clean, so I could likely live with the trade off, if things make sense. honed in on WD because I've predominantly bought their drives over the last 15 years, and knock wood haven't had too many hiccups. Would a Green drive be safe to use for iTunes? Or another option? In terms of usage, I typically only stream to one AppleTV. On rare occassions do I run two streams at once, and 98% of my files are not massive HD files. thanks for the assistance