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    Large capacity HDD question

    Thanks for your thoughts Mitch. Though neither of your solutions work for us. We are currently using LTO-5 which we keep all the tapes and never erase. At some point we will jump to LTO-7 but our library can't handle it so the expense will have to wait. Regardless, the speed to retrieve files takes time. These are mostly video projects so when a client asks to retrieve something we just pull out the hard drive, the user selects what they want and quickly offloads it. I've been down the tape route before with SAIT some years ago. Unless you do like you mentioned above, keeping within 2 generations, then you run into compatibility problems in either hardware, software or both. But even worse I never figured Sony would have killed off the format. Thankfully I kept the old drive in good shape so I can still pull from it if needed but I have to reconfigure to make it work. Cloud is just too slow and expensive. Enough said. I think I'll go with your suggestion and buy drives from two different makers. I've had some discussions with tech support lately and if I fire them up every 6 months or so to keep the lubricants in motion I should be in good shape, provided humidity and temp remain constant. I still don't trust Helium drives long term. I'll go with traditional air-based for now.
  2. Hi Kevin - What is your thoughts about this question? I need offload about 50 to 100TB of data from our RAIDs and store onto single disks for long term storage on and off site. So I will be making 2 drives. They may be stored for 10+ years and rarely accessed or could be powered up once a year for specific data retrieval.I'm concerned about Helium based drives like Seagate IronWolf 10TB or HGST and whether the Helium could escape. Obviously nobody knows that answer as Helium based hasn't been around that long.Am I better off going with HGST NAS 8TB drives which I believe don't use Helium and may be one of the last air based large size PMR drives? I prefer to use PMR vs SMR. Note we do back up to LTO tape as a fall back. But more likely I'll have hardware 10+ years from now that can read drives vs our current LTO-5's.Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  3. Checking further I was thinking Seagate Enterprise 8TB (ST8000NM0055) is the NAS version. But it is not. Just an enterprise drive vs the Seagate Enterprise NAS 8TB (ST8000NE0001). I'm looking to put 16 drives in a rack mount and RAID6 it to use as a direct attach to a Mac Pro with an Areca 1882 series controller. This will file serve to AFP Mac clients opening and working over a 10GB ethernet pipe of large photoshop and indesign files. About 20 users accessing this RAID. What will be the difference using the less expensive Enterprise 055 model vs the more expensive Enterprise NAS 001 model? Because 001 is a lot more money. Perhaps the 8TB NAS ST8000VN0002 would be sufficient, even though not designed for more then 8 bays. Note I've been using the relatively inexpensive HGST's 6TB NAS and they have been fine. They don't make an 8TB model other then the Helium's which are a lot more money and throw me over budget. Especially since I have to buy 16 additional drives that go into another enclosure as a RAID 5 that nightly clones this RAID 6. Thanks.
  4. Looks like the price has dropped. Yes, that is worth considering. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. They would be in a rack. Perhaps I'll take a chance as there is not an HGST non-enterprise equivalent. It's been a number of years since using Seagate but your review and others indicate this is a solid NAS drive.
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  7. Has anybody used 16 of these drives in a RAID 6 setup? I have quite a few RAID 6, 16/24 bay HGST 6TB NAS (non-enterprise drives )configs working fine but need more space for a new setup. Don't have any recent experience with consumer NAS from Seagate and using them in more then 8 bays?
  8. #Osmo is awesome. Today they're launching a new #STEM game! Take a look:

  9. Wondering why its mentioned only up to 8 bays? I don't see that listed on HGST website nor do HGST techs says otherwise. Have used previous 4TB version in 24 bays and no problem now for over a year as RAID 6. Is it only due to a concern of vibration?\ Thanks.
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    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    Thanks Kevin for the reply. Figured it was much higher level. I spoke with 4 techs 4+ hours combined on phone during a 75 day period before purchasing. Multiple times being put on hold while they tried finding someone with knowledge about these drives. Each time being told it was ok for RAID use. Too bad these techs didn't have same access as you do. You would think they should....or at least be passed along the same info. I don't blame the techs...Not their fault. They were always friendly and generally concerned they could not provide more info. Tried as best as they can but had limited resources. Wish I read your article before purchasing as I would never have done so. Never heard of until I went searching after having problems. Per your review, SMR is not for RAID use as it stands today. But as single archive drive they should be fine. As long as people follow safe practices, like with any drive, by having a backup copy for very important data.
  11. tzmljm

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    StorageReview - Did Seagate specifically tell you these drives were not for use in a RAID configuration? I was told the opposite from 4 techs.
  12. tzmljm

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    Kevin - The highpoint cards we use are old ones just for clone RAIDs of our master units. I wanted to rule out the issue was the drives or Areca/enclosure. I only tested 6 drives with highpoint and was able to copy files. So something off with the Areca system or Thunderbolt bridge in compatibility with these Seagates. In any case, after talking with 4 Seagate technicians since December I'm convinced they have no idea what this drive is for. They all said,before I bought these drives and before your review, for my purpose it should be ok. That I can RAID them. Just performance would suffer, which I didn't care about since backup was over the internet. But after reading your review and the fact these are a brand new class of drives, using SMR technology, I don't want to be a tester for them. Find out in a year or so that data is corrupted, slows down to a crawl or some other catastrophe. I'm going back to HGST 6TB drives for now. Let the future sort itself out with me being the guinea pig.
  13. tzmljm

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    I bought 40 of these units couple weeks ago, having had them on order since December. They were to be put into two 16bay Thunderbolt towers in RAID 6, connected to a Mac Mini 2014, to be at home backing up a client through the internet once per week. Fios 300mb line. Approximate 2TB changes weekly. Still doing some testing but here is some info for you. Testing just one box so far. 62 hours to Check/Fix/Rebuild Parity. AJA tests around 700 for both read and write. Right now I'm having trouble transferring large files. Unit locks up, whether through Ethernet or another source connected directly by Thunderbolt. Doesn't do the same with HGST drives. Working to discover whether enclosure, Areca card or drives. Locks up doing that same test even if using 6 drives in RAID0. Testing another enclosure, using Highpoint and mini sas later today. TM