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  1. Data is becoming more and more valuable, big data has the feeling of a new gold rush. However, this value doesn’t stop at the company that owns it. It can be valuable to less scrupulous sources. Noting this, Seagate has launched its new Secure program aimed to protect drives with one of two feature sets, Essential and Certified, depending on the type of security and threats a company may face. Seagate Announces Seagate Secure Across Its Enterprise Datasphere Fleet
  2. The HP ZBook x2 is powered by quad-core Intel Core processors and NVIDIA Quadro Graphics and features double the memory of other detachable PCs. Moreover, HP has equipped their new workstation with a quiet, dual-fan active cooling system to dissipate heat from these powerful components. It also features a customizable, application-aware HP Quick Keys to provide artists with 18 time-saving shortcuts. HP ZBook x2 Detachable PC Announced
  3. From a physical standpoint, the R1100 is a 1U rackmount unit with 16TB of cache drive capacity. Its small footprint allows it to easily slide in a rack to upgrade workflow. Part of upgrading the workflow comes form its Intel Xeon Quad Core processor, ECC memory, enterprise hard disk drives, and 10GbE networking. The R1100 also supports Microsoft Active Directory. Morro Data Releases CacheDrive R1100
  4. IT has been moving toward a hybrid environment across the board. Noting this, Commvault is releasing its Commvault HyperScale Software to both protect and move workloads across various infrastructures. The offerings take Commvault Data Platform and bring scale-out infrastructure to it in order to seamlessly integrate with storage arrays, hypervisors, applications and the full range of cloud provider solutions. The new offerings leverage a built-in operating environment, virtualization, and storage technologies from Red Hat providing a robust, enterprise-grade foundation. Commvault Launches HyperScale Appliance & Software
  5. Every other week or so, there is a high profile data breach. While this is frightening to most, another scary aspect to think about is the amount of data breaches that happen but don’t make the news. The latest version of HDID addresses the above issues while also reducing risks as well as administration costs. Cloud providers can rest a bit easier as well. HDID provides core capabilities to them supplying modern data protection services to their customers thus enhancing their competitiveness and profitability. Hitachi Vantara Release HDID v6
  6. Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile gives IT resources instant access to their servers on the data center floor or on the go through their mobile device. Users can connect through iDrac to manage, configure, and/or monitor the servers. On the latest version of PowerEdge Servers, 14G, users can use the Quick Sync bezel and WiFi to instantly connect and see what is going on inside their gear. This gives IT more access that in turn can lead to less down time and faster troubleshooting. Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile Review
  7. MAMR is an energy-assisted technology, much like heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). However, HAMR presents new material science and reliability challenges, this isn’t the case in MAMR. The core of this new technology is the “spin torque oscillator” used to generate a microwave field that increases the ability to record data at ultra-high density without sacrificing reliability, according to WD. The company goes on to state that using this technology they will be able to offer over 4 terabits-per-square-inch in time with HDDs hitting capacity of 40TB or more by 2025. WD Unveils Its Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording Technology
  8. The QNAP TS-1685 is a desktop NAS packing more performance, capacity, and networking capabilities than is normally thought of in a midsize NAS. For starters the NAS can house up to 16 drives, twelve 3.5” and four 2.5” (or all 16 can be 2.5” drives). That can up to a lot of storage for such a small footprint, but here QNAP outdoes itself by adding six more M.2 bays internally; not as easy to get to but potentially up to 6TB more flash capacity. From a performance perspective, the NAS comes with an Intel Xeon D Processor and supports up to 128GB in RAM. On the network side of things, the NAS has four GbE and two 10GBASE-T ports. If users need more storage capacity or 40GbE connectivity, the NAS has four PCIe slots for expansion. QNAP TS-1685 NAS Review
  9. Those were my initial thoughts as well.
  10. Data is growing at an almost alarming rate. While there are valuable insights to be harvested from this data, it mainly comes from a relatively small portion. A good example would be autonomous cars where there is important insights to avoid accidents, however, there is a massive amount of data generated just from everyday actions that provide little use. All of this data still needs to be stored. While the price of disk is dropping, it still can’t beat tape for price per gigabyte. And the LTO-8 drives the price down even farther. IBM Releases 30TB LTO-8 Tape Drive
  11. The WD MyBook Duo 20TB gives users a massive amount of capacity, great for creative professionals that need it or for use as an easy backup solution. The device comes with support for both USB-A and USB-C, enabling it to work with most devices. Users are able to configure the MyBook Duo in RAID0, RAID1, or JBOD to tailor it to their specific use cases. The MyBook Duo easily opens for drive replacement/upgrade, and it leverages 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption as well as WD’s security software for added protection. WD My Book Duo 20GB Review
  12. Synology’s DSM has been fairly popular with users for some time now (for an in-depth look into it once it passed the 6.0 threshold, checkout out our review here). DSM has always been intuitive and user friendly. The same OS stretches from home user to larger enterprise use making for an easy learning curve. The latest update features many improvements including advanced LUN, iSCSI Manager, and Storage Manager. Synology Releases DiskStation Manager 6.2 Beta
  13. Data is continuing to grow. The importance of being able to store this data to gain insights is also growing. While there are plenty of ultra-high density SSDs being announced, companies need to store the data now, and in a cost-effective method. The new Ultrastar Hs14 address both of these issues offering up to 14TB in a 3.5” form factor and online watt/TB power efficiency for extremely low TCO. The new HDD leverages two complimentary technologies: fourth generation HelioSeal technology, and second generation host-managed SMR. These technologies have been field-proven and are ideal for cloud, hyperscale environments, and ultra-dense scale-out storage systems running sequential write workloads. WD Releases World’s First 14TB Enterprise HDD
  14. NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro is a WiFi system aimed at SMBs that is easy to deploy and manage. Orbi Pro has three dedicated WiFi networks to separate traffic and add a layer of security. It also comes with wireless satellites that can expand coverage up to 10,000 square feet and are useful for wired connections without the need for extensive cabling. The Orib Pro supports up to 3Gb/s (1.7Gb/s from point to point) and can scale as the business grows. NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi System Review
  15. Seagate has continued to expand its Guardian Series with higher capacity drives, such as the 12TB BarraCuda Pro. The new BarraCuda Pro delivers the highest capacity desktop drive, while still aiming to deliver high performance. The drive is a 3.5” form factor, SATA drive with 7,200RPM spindle speed and a 256MB cache. The HDD is ideal for users who need lots of capacity, but don’t want to keep adding drives. Seagate BarraCuda Pro 12TB Review
  16. Built on Red Hat Gluster Storage and integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Container-Native Storage uniquely serves storage out of containers. The idea behind Container-Native Storage is to eliminate the need for an independent storage platform and thus enable customers to achieve one integrated container platform that can span the hybrid cloud with greater efficiency and cost savings, a streamlined user experience, single control plane and a single point of support. Red Hat goes on to say that its new Container-Native Storage can address the challenges that moving container-based applications cause in traditional storage architectures. Red Hat’s software-defined container-native storage overcomes the limitations of traditional storage architectures to help unlock the full potential of containers. Red Hat Announces Container-Native Storage 3.6
  17. As we’ve said many times, data is growing at a massive rate. A recent study by IDC and Seagate found that data creation will swell to a total of 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025, 10x more than today. While much of this growing data is an issue to be addressed by larger enterprises, the medium to smaller guys are also feeling the pinch. Seagate states that the drives announced this morning are designed for today’s media storage needs – including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 4K resolution and 360-degree videos – and offer scalability for the future with increased space and speed. Seagate Adds New 12TB Guardian Series HDDs
  18. For some time now the focus has shifted to data. It has moved from an important though inert part of business to the promise of key insights such as new revenue streams, better customers support, more efficient business methods, and overall cost reductions/savings. This is putting pressure on many organizations to become data-centric and find solutions that help them through this transformation. NetApp states that its Data Fabric is able to offer a holistic approach that is secure, efficient, future-proof and provides freedom of choice. Major aspects of the Data Fabric are SolidFire Element OS 10 and StorageGRID Webscale 11. They help to simplify the creation of a next generation cloud architecture. NetApp Announces Several Updates To Accelerate Data Fabric
  19. Data centers need to be more efficient and agile to deal with the ever-changing landscape and needs. Software-defined gear has taken data centers in the right direction, but this would take the bottleneck and push it toward networking. Noting this Mellanox integrated compute and accelerator resources directly into the NIC, which it claims can increase the server workload capacity as much as 3 times without taking up more Rackspace. With software-defined NICs, data centers have even more flexibility and agility for services, features, and advanced protocols without opening servers for a hardware upgrade. Mellanox Announces BlueField Software-Defined SmartNIC Adaptors
  20. Over the last few years many organizations have realized that data, and the insights that can be gained from it, is one of the most valuable assets they have. However, data is being generated at such a massive scale that most organizations are unable to extract value fast enough to make a difference in time. Methods are being realized on how to maximally extract data; these include predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and proactive care. NetApp this taking these methods and combining them with its massive user base in order to address the above issues. NetApp Aims To Unleash The Full Potential Of Data Fabric
  21. The cloud has been a massive disrupter changing not only how data is stored but how it is used. Organizations can use the cloud for instant access to the latest technology giving them a heads up over the competition. According to IDC, today’s file market is at 28EB with cloud growing faster than on-premises at 24.9 percent through 2021. As more organizations start or move to the cloud, or develop a hybrid cloud strategy, they still need the same enterprise NFS they already rely on with the performance to support mission-critical applications. NetApp & Microsoft Partner On Azure Enterprise NFS Service
  22. TS-x31P2 and TS-431X2 support SSD caching for improved IOPS performance of storage volumes and to boost overall operational efficiency. The two new QNAP NAS solution also include QmailAgent for central mail management, Notes Station for collaborative note-taking, Qfiling for automated file organization and Qsirch for a full-text search engine. QNAP TS-x31P2 & TS-431X2 SMB/SOHO NAS Now Available
  23. Coming freshly off the heels of being recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions (July 2017) reports, Actifio is releasing their Sky Platform 8.0. The company states that this new platform is a proven, cloud-centric solution enabling enterprises to further accelerate critical digital transformation initiatives for application development, analytics, data protection, high availability and compliance by leveraging the agility and economics of public and private cloud solutions. Actifio goes on to state that its new platform can enable enterprises to choose the best cloud solution to match their workloads, versus taking an all-or-nothing, lift-and-shift “cloud strategy.” Actifio Releases Cloud-Centric Sky Platform 8.0
  24. The AV Pro 2 Storage Hub is a solid release by CalDigit. This rugged single-drive, module storage solution supports both full size 3.5" and 2.5” SSDs, allowing for seamless small-scale upgrades when users’ needs grow. It also supports both Thunderbolt 3 and USB connectivity--including USB, Micro USB--and gives users the ability to daisy chain and expand their AV Pro 2 by using the two USB hub connectors. Moreover, the AV Pro 2 also offers a unique charging feature where users can simultaneously charge the Thunderbolt 3 laptop. This works fairly well and would be ideal for professionals on the go and those who looking for a smaller, scalable storage solution. CalDigit AV Pro 2 Storage Hub Review
  25. With the Xeon Scalable Processor, Premio claims they will be set to offer some of the best server solutions available on the storage market. Moreover, their flagship products–FlacheStreams, DuraStreams, OmniStreams, and ScaleStreams–are built with solid chassis designs that help CDNs and data centers easily switch and upgrade to the newest available processor through Intel’s “tick-tock” silicon design. Premio Announces Intel Skylake Support For Its Server & Storage Solutions