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  1. As clearly shown above in our performance charts, the Intel Optane 900P Series is one of the fastest drives we’ve tested to date. Intel’s use of Optane memory has produced mixed results in the other Intel drives (i.e., the 800P and Optane Memory); however, this release shows what Intel is capable of producing for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This impressive line of SSDs comes in both PCIe and 2.5” form factors and certainly has what it takes to excel variety of resource-intensive use cases such as engineering workloads, media creation and even gaming, for the hardcore crowd. Intel Optane SSD 900P Series Review
  2. The company has updated it NetBackup to version 8.1.1. This new version comes with software optimized for security (including Federal Information Processing Standard [FIPS] certification). This makes it more attractive to local, state, and federal governments. The new version also adds more flexibility with the introduction of integration with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) secure, durable, and affordable cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup service, Amazon Glacier. Veritas Announces New NetBackup & RestAPI
  3. The Z9100-ON was first-to-market with a dense 100GbE multi-rate switch, an achievement that is more than a feather in the cap for the Dell EMC Networking division. Only taking up 1U of space, the switch is all about performance and connectivity. The Z9100-ON leverages non-blocking switching architecture and delivers L2 and L3 forwarding capacity along with QoS in order to bring the best performance. The switch delivers up to 6.4Tbps of I/O bandwidth (at full duplex). In terms of connectivity, the Z9100 has 128 ports that can be configured as either 32 ports of 100GbE, 64 ports of 50GbE, 32 ports of 40GbE, 128 ports of 25GbE or 128 ports 10GbE and two SFP+ ports of 10GbE/1GbE/100MbE. This high level of ports along with configurability can help data centers consolidate or ease them on their migration path to higher network speeds. Dell EMC Networking Z9100-ON Z-Series Switch Review
  4. The Seagate DJI Fly Drive is intended to enable drone users to make backups of their video footage in the field, and has all the features required for this task. Both the drive and the drone can be connected directly to a laptop for the transfers, or a microSD card can be removed from the drone and inserted into the Fly Drive’s reader. The built-in microSD reader raised our hopes that the Fly Drive would be able to automatically back up all the files on a card without needing to lug along a laptop, but this isn’t possible. That makes the card reader a handy addition, especially for those with a UHS-II card, but not as useful as it could have been. Seagate DJI Fly Drive Review
  5. IT infrastructure is growing ever more complex with a heterogeneous environment that has different parts that must work together. IT needs deeper visibility into critical infrastructure to ensure it is getting the performance it needs, troubleshoot any issues, or proactively find an issue and correct it before it causes a problem. The two updated monitoring solutions give IT admins with all the tools they need such as broad system management, monitoring, alerting and reporting functionality. SolarWinds Updates SRM & SAM Both To 6.6
  6. Pivot3’s new Acuity X3 Series comes with all of the benefits of the larger Acuity X5 Series in a compact 1U form factor. Like the larger Acuity, the new solution is also based on NVMe flash architecture and claims to deliver six times the performance of conventional HCI solutions and runs two-to-three times more virtual machines per HCI node. The new solution will also leverage Pivot3’s advanced policy-based QoS that helps eliminate resource contention by automating performance and data protection. Pivot3 Announces Compact Acuity X3 HCI Solutions For ROBO
  7. The connectivity of everything makes collaboration easier as well as making companies more efficient. However, it also introduces a certain level of risk. Panzura’s new Private Secure Mite Mode eliminates all communication with outside IP addresses. This gives companies’ a new level of control and helps prevent outside monitoring or attacks. Organizations are always looking for a new level of security as data breaches can cost in the upwards of $150 million and several customers have very stringent compliance requirements especially government and military sites, as well as the healthcare, financial, and gaming industries. Panzura Expands Freedom Line With Private Secure Site Mode
  8. Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure takes one of the main issues with the Cloud, performance or lack there of, and address it with its bare metal instances. Oracle offers bare metal and virtual compute instances as well as NVMe versions with up to 25TB of NVMe storage for performance unlike anything else seen in the cloud. It takes more than NVMe storage to hit Oracle’s quoted performance of up to 5.1 million IOPS, the instances also have up to 52 OCPUs, 768GB RAM, dual 25GbE NICs and up to 51TB of locally attached NVMe storage. This level of performance is used primarily for use cases such as mission-critical database applications, HPC workloads, and I/O intensive web applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Bare Metal Instances Review
  9. As we previously said, the VX Series is a pre-integrated, pre-configured hyper-converged solution built off of Lenovo ThinkSystem platforms and powered by Intel Xeon Scalable family processors. Like most hyper-converged solutions, the VX Series aims to simplify complexity by aggregating servers, storage, and virtualization resources into a common resource pool. The series is designed for easy, rapid deployment so customers spend less time worrying about setting it up and more time focusing on their core business. Lenovo Announces New VX Series HCI Building Blocks
  10. As ML and AI is becoming more mainstream and the advantages are becoming more clear, developers need more tools to help them work with these new technologies. The new Windows ML allows developers to perform ML tasks in the Windows OS. Windows ML is able to effectively distribute AI workloads across multiple hardware types. To help build deep neural network applications on Windows clients, Microsoft will be working with Intel, placing its Movidius VPU at the edge. The Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU is a SoC with a dedicated neural compute engine for hardware acceleration of deep learning inference at the edge. The main design of this VPU is to run deep neural networks at high speed and low power to offload specific AI tasks from burdening other hardware. Microsoft Unveils Windows ML With Intel Movidius VPU
  11. An updated image is in there now.
  12. To aide companies in their transition to 25G, Supermicro is offering a wide range of 25G NIC solutions. These products are dual speed (operating at both 10G and 25G) making them a good fit for organizations in transition. If companies installed them now on their 10G network they would only need a configuration update to use them in a future 25G network. Supermicro Announces New 25G Ethernet Technology
  13. The Intel Optane 800P series is an M.2 NVMe SSD built specifically for PC and mobile use cases such as fast application loading, RAID configurations and boot times. The new line comes in capacities of 58GB and 118GB and has quoted performance of over up to 1,450MB/s sequential read and 250,000 IOPs random read under specific conditions. As its name indicates, the 800P uses Intel’s new Optane Memory and leverages this technology in a more robust manner than its caching product released last year (Intel Optane Memory). Intel Optane 800P NVMe SSD Review
  14. HCI went from the fringe to one of the mainstream technologies in just a few short years. Dell EMC has been supporting this trend offering several solutions in the HCI space and providing its XC line that is designed for customers that leverage Nutanix software. Dell EMC is now expanding the line with the XC Core. As stated, XC Core uses Dell EMC hardware and software but is licensed and supported by Nutanix. According to the companies, this alternative lets customers buy Nutanix software licenses directly from authorized partners, and then add the licenses to pre-validated XC Core systems that are configured, built and tested by Dell EMC. It also enables license portability across infrastructure components and separate management and support of hardware and software lifecycles. Dell EMC Expands Its HCI Portfolio With XC Core
  15. Cloud use is continuing to grow and the level of complexity of applications is driving organizations to use multiple clouds for their needs and for data protection. Seeing the demand for various services, VMware has taken its own Cloud services and greatly expanded upon them. These new expansions and services enable customers to leverage any cloud environment while still providing visibility, operations, automation, security and governance. VMware Expands Its Cloud Services
  16. In this update, the integration with Veeam Backup & Replication for management of the deployment of the Windows Agent and job configuration has been extended into System Center. This allows for real-time alerts of Veeam backup jobs and policies for systems where the System Center Agent is installed and will combine system-wide event and performance data. Combining this with the applications System Center is already aware of results in a “visibility benefit” that comprises run-state of a system, enterprise applications and the Availability strategy with Veeam backup products. Veeam Management Pack v8 Update 5 Now Available
  17. Veritas is addressing the above issues with two new appliances that allow “information-defined” data management. Leveraging information-defined data management allows end-to-end data management capabilities that enables companies to address data protection, long-term retention and archiving that extends from the data center to the cloud. Veritas goes on to state the its new appliances use a software-defined approach that leads to more flexibility for its customers. Customers can use the software on Veritas’ appliances or their existing infrastructure. Veritas Unveils Two New Appliances For Healthcare
  18. Dell’s Precision T7820 proved to be an impressive desktop workstation that has some pretty deep customization options including a wide range of high-end AMD and NVIDIA graphics card like the Quadro P4000. Users can also power-up their T7820 workstation with two Intel Xeon processors (which feature up to 28 cores per processor), up to a massive 384GB 2666MHz of DDR4 ECC memory and variety of different drive configurations for a maximum of 24TB total storage, which includes M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs via the 6 available PCIe Gen 3 slots. It also features the usual connectivity options such as USB 3.1 Type A and C, USB 2.0, and a spot for a SATA optical drive. Dell Precision 7820 Tower Workstation Review
  19. Looking at the numbers for the quarter, VMware saw revenue of $2.31 billion; license revenue was $1.07 billion. The company reported a GGAP net loss of $440 million or $1.09 per diluted share. These results included the tax expense connected to the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Non-GAAP net income was $691 million or $1.68 per diluted share. GAAP operating income was $648 million and non-GAAP operating income was reported at $862 million. Operating cash flow as reported as $847 million and free cash flow was $748 million. VMware Reports 4Q18 & FY18 Earnings
  20. The numbers for the quarter show revenue of $338.3 million up a whopping 48% from this time last year and up form $278 million of last quarter. Gross margin was 65.1% GAAP and 66.2% non-GAAP. The company reported a net loss of $11.9 million (GAAP) and a $31.8 net income non-GAAP. This is significantly higher than this time last year with a GAAP net loss of $42.9 million and a non-GAAP net loss of $4.8 million. For diluted earing per share this comes out to $0.05 loss on GAAP and $0.13 non-GAAP income. Pure reported an operating cash flow of $59 million and free cash flow of $38.3 million. Pure Storage Reports 4Q18 & FY18 Earnings
  21. The company is reporting another good quarter. They were able to add over 1,000 new customers bringing the total to nearly 9,000. Their billings grew to $355.9 million. Revenue was up even after the elimination of $14 million in hardware revenue (as they continue their transition to software). Nutanix signed five software deal worth over $3 million. And the company was named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for HCI. Nutanix Reports 2Q18 Earnings
  22. When it comes to maximum capacity for a good price, nobody can beat tape storage. As data grows, backup and archive data grows right along with it and needs to be stored in a cost-effective manner. Spectra Logic’s answer to this is the new Spectra Stack. The Spectra Stack is a 6U module with 10 LTO tape slots. Users can start with a singe tape drive and scale up to a maximum of 560 LTO tapes, adding 10 slots at a time or 80/6U. This can bring a total capacity of 6.7PB (16.75PB with compression) in a single 42U space. The Spectra Stack has a quoted transfer rate of 45TB/hour (105TB/hour compressed). Spectra Logic Expands Its Tape Library Offerings
  23. A little healthy fasting to clear your mind before using the new card. Also, fixed.
  24. Mobile capacity needs are increasing along with the need for the mobile storage to perform faster. Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 4K video (on both smart mobile devices as well as drones) are just some of the drivers behind this need. To meet these customers needs, WD introduced the 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXCT card. WD claims that the new card can hit speeds of 160MB/s and features the A2 specification. WD Reveals New microSD Cards & New NVMe SSDs At MWC
  25. IoT is a rapidly expanding field with industrial smart devices that are driving more and more automation. While they offer immense benefits to organizations they also cause a few issues. For one, they generate massive amounts of data (up to billions of endpoints), data that is at the edge and needs to be collected and processed. Since IoT devices are separate from core data centers, organizations need new infrastructure that is cost-effective and scalable but also simple due to the lack of IT specialists at the edge. VMware Unveils New Edge Computing Solutions To Tackle IoT