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  1. Overall, The HyperX Gaming line of microSD cards is a solid addition to the flash card storage market, particularly the growing gaming segment. Available in capacities up to 256GB, these gaming microSD cards start at $40. HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review
  2. Seagate's IronWolf 14TB drive targets the home, SOHO, and SMB NAS markets. The Ironwolf Pro 14TB targets the Commercial and Enterprise NAS markets. Both are built with multi-user environments in mind, and will likely support 180 or 300TB/year user workload rates respectively like all the other drives in the same line. They will continue to provide the same features we've come to expect from Seagate's Ironwolf line including RAID performance, dual-plane balance, rotational vibration (RV) sensors, advanced power management, and error recovery control. IronWolf and IronWolf Pro drives feature a 3-year and 5-year limited warranty respectively. While the information we were given doesn't specify mean times between failures, there's no reason to expect the new drives to deviate from the smaller drives in the same line which all rated to one million hours MTBF for the standard version or one point two million hours MTBF for the pro. Seagate Releases 14TB Drives
  3. Though it might not be as fast as some of the other portable SSDs we've reviewed, the Seagate still boasts good performance that will suit pretty much any consumer or media professional need. It is also very affordable (currently listed as $126 USD on Amazon), has a reliable build and will sit nice and pretty alongside a workstation. Seagate Fast SSD Review
  4. Construction of the dedicated 3D flash memory fabrication facility began in February 2017 and has since been furnished with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing equipment deposition, etching, and other key production processes. Production of 96-layer 3D flash memory utilizing the new fab began earlier this month. Further investments for production expansion will be made in line with market trends. Toshiba & Western Digital Celebrate The Opening Of FAB 6 & Memory R&D Center In Yokkaichi, Japan
  5. Enabled by an extensible data workflow engine and advanced metadata search, Zenko provides users the ability to store, manage, and search data across multiple private and public clouds across a unified interface. Scality Announces Zenko 1.0
  6. KACE SMA 9.0 (also known as the K1000) empowers IT admins to manage network-attached devices with one console; rather than multiple, disparate solutions. Through a single-pane-of-glass view, businesses can manage devices, manage security risks, address service tickets, and audit for compliance. IT admins can also ensure that software licensing is being used efficiently to avoid waste, and reduce the time and resources required for troubleshooting errors. A SysTray application has also been added to show the connection status of the agent for Windows and Mac and allows for restart of the agent or a forced inventory with just the click of a mouse. Additionally, KACE SMA’s updated user interface allows for light, dark or hybrid environments, allowing administrators to set their work environment to their personal preference which is a nice thought. Too few software vendors provide options for dark themed or low-light environment workstations. Quest Releases Version 9.0 KACE
  7. Data centers process all types of queries now including voice, translations, images, videos, and various social media interactions. In order to address all of these different quires—that will require different types of neural networks—organizations need to leverage AI. NVIDIA’s new TensorRT Hyperscale Platform is a combination of hardware and software aimed at addressing the above issues. Leveraging Tesla T4 GPUs, based on the company’s Turing architecture, the new platform will be able to deliver high-performance with low latency for end-to-end applications. NVIDIA Launches AI Data Center Platform
  8. The two companies are co-developing new Lenovo ThinkSystem infrastructure that leverages Lenovo hardware and NetApp’s all-flash data management. These new products, the ThinkSystem DM and DE, will come in both hybrid and all-flash editions. The products will be sold through Lenovo’s supply chain, ranked in the top five by Gartner. Just to note, though these products are running NetApp’s data management, they will be Lenovo branded products. Lenovo Partners With NetApp To Aide With Digital Transformations
  9. Video technology is improving at a rapid rate. Video quality and visual effects have made tremendous leaps and bounds recently and legacy storage equipment has not been able to keep up. Companies can’t upgrade hardware every time these technologies improve but they can upgrade software. According to Qumulo, its new innovations can help studios eliminate SANs, client-side software, HBAs, and fibrechannel switches and cabling through its high-performance centralized uncompressed 4K and 6K video playback solutions. Instead studios will be enabled through 100% Ethernet environments with all-flash storage. The increase in performance means more editors can collaborate on a project at once, potentially increasing its time to finish and lowering costs. Qumulo Ups Performance & Lowers Costs For M&E
  10. Customers looking to accelerate their digital transformation should have everything they need in Lenovo’s SDI and SAN solution that come with Veeam’s Hyper-Availability Platform. The combined technologies are stated as simplifying IT, mitigating risks, while delivering intelligent data management that helps accelerate and expand organizations. These capabilities will help to reduce the costs of legacy infrastructure, virtualization and data protection management. The companies’ state that customers can see accelerated application development and deployment that would increase their ROI. The newly offered solutions have been validated by both Veeam And Lenovo, adding another level of assurance. Veeam & Lenovo Announce Global Partnership
  11. The 9PXM UPS features a double-conversion technology, which promises constant power conditioning and high efficiency while reducing energy and cooling costs. With the inclusion of Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology which utilized a three-stage charging technique that significantly extends battery service life and optimizes recharge time (when compared to traditional trickle charging technology), the 9PXM is an ideal backup power solution for a range of IT applications. Eaton Launches 9PXM UPS
  12. SMBs face similar storage issues as larger enterprises, however, they do not have similar budgets. SMBs need the performance, security, and simplicity of management for a more attractive price point. The new PowerVault ME4 Series family delivers significant increases over previous Dell EMC entry systems. Dell claims the customer can install the system in just 15 minutes plus 15 more minutes to configure. Some of its key features include: Dell EMC Releases Entry-Level Powervault Storage Arrays
  13. Big Data has been changing how the enterprise looks at data over the last few years and now technologies like AI and ML will change how the enterprise leverages that data going forward. AI and ML will change how the enterprise works as a whole as it will be able to help solve complex issues and allow for processes to become more and more efficient. While there is a world of promise here, there are some issues such as dealing with new workloads, patterns, and different resource allocation. This is where Cisco’s new UCS server comes in. Cisco Unveils New UCS Server For AI & ML
  14. Samsung’s latest portable drive is touted as being its fastest yet. The X5 leverages both NVMe and Thunderbolt 3 technology for performance as high as 2.8GB/s read and 2.3GB/s write. Ideal for creative professionals or media enthusiast, the new drive can store up to 2TB of data. Since it is portable it is design to take a beating and a drop or two, but who would want to do that to such a pretty drive. For an added layer of protection the X5 comes with AES 256-bit encryption and can be password protected for further security. Samsung Portable SSD X5 Review
  15. Overall the new RS-Series Rack from Eaton brings many updates from the S-Series Rack, primarily around customization and additional size offerings to meet the demands of the ever-changing datacenter. Items such as rail spacing, while tool-less prior, become more intuitive and easier to align in the newest rack model. Whether setting up a single rack in a small business environemnt or configuring rows of these enclosures, the operational benefits are obvious for the RS-Series racks. Configuration is simple thanks to the toolless deisgn, and the units are rugged and well-built as we've come to expect from Eaton. Add in the PDU options, cable managment and the like, and the RS is a great fit for the Eaton family of datacenter products. Eaton RS Rack Enclosure Review (RSV4261B)
  16. Looking to the market as a whole, it is continuing to grow year over year. In fact the market increased 43.7% YoY to $22.5 billion this quarter. As far as units shipped, this quarter saw 2.9 million units shipped an increase of 20.5%. This also marks the fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth for servers. According to IDC, volume server revenue increased by 42.7% to $18.4 billion, while midrange server revenue grew 63.0% to $2.5 billion. High-end systems grew 30.4% to $1.7 billion. IDC Releases 2Q18 Worldwide Server Tracker
  17. All of the above hinge on AI and Intel and Baidu’s efforts to improve AI usage. The two companies are working on storage solutions that are designed around AI: they need more capacity and performance for the nature of the technology that generates more data. Baidu Cloud leverages both Optane and QLC technology from Intel to tackle this massive data generation. The collaboration between the two company may be more beneficial in the long run to Intel as AI cases will be different for each use case, but such a massive use case as Baidu Cloud will give Intel many new directions to go in as it hones its AI approach. Intel & Baidu Collaborate On AI
  18. The Toshiba XG6 is a single-sided NVMe M.2 SSD designed for client PCs, high-performance mobile devices, gaming and embedded applications. While the XG5 was the first Toshiba drive to leverage the company’s 64-layer BiCS 3D flash memory, the XG6 is the market’s first SSD built on the new 96-layer BiCS 3D flash memory. And like its predecessor, the XG6 also made good use of its new flash technology by making an impact on our performance charts. Toshiba XG6 SSD Review
  19. The TS-332X allows users to utilize SSD caching with up to three SATA 6Gb/s M.2 SSD’s with 2280 form factors for increasing performance on IOPS-intensive applications. For the more security-conscious individuals, RAID 5 is supported, giving users reliable, balanced performance with an added layer of data redundancy. In addition to these features, the TS-332X supports Auto-Tiering, providing users quick access to frequented data. QNAP TS-332X 3-Bay 10GbE NAS Now Available
  20. As the digital landscape continues to evolve all organizations need to evolve with it or get left behind. While larger enterprises have several methods for dealing with new facets such as Big Data, AI, and IoT, the small to medium businesses may not be able to adopt these methods as easily. These new SSDs will give SMBs a leg up with better efficiency, higher density (that can lead to better consolidation, lower power usage and cooling, and thus a lower TCO), and higher performance. The new SSDs also come with better QoS, lower latency, and higher reliability and endurance, which is more important in the 24/7 use of the data center. Samsung Unveils Data Center SSD Lineup
  21. The Netgear Insight Instant VPN Business Router is designed specifically to enable businesses to protect their networks with a secure VPN and firewall through Netgear's Insight Cloud Portal or mobile app. The BR500 comes with remote/cloud monitoring and management tools. The Insight Cloud provides full monitoring of all your security features, remote management of your router, and real-time monitoring of VPN connection and security status of connected devices. NETGEAR Insight is available as either a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices or as a web portal accessible from any internet-connected web browser Netgear Releases Insight VPN Router
  22. The 5530 lies in the middle of Dell's Precision line of mobile workstations, boasting solid mid-range performance across the board when outfitted with some of the higher-end components available. Among these components include a 8th Gen Intel Core and Xeon 6-core processor options, NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs, up to a 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD. Users can also add another drive if they choose. Dell Precision 5530 Review
  23. The HP Z2 G4 workstation is an entirely adequate entry-level desktop workstation. Noticeably smaller than its predecessor, it still manages to offer significant customization options that can boost its performance to the next level including support for full-size add in cards. Users can equip the workstation with 8th generation Intel Core processors, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, and multiple storage options form SATA to NVMe depending on storage performance needs. Also depending on needs, the Z2 G4 can be outfitted with a slew of GPU options form Intel to AMD Radeon Pro to NVIDIA Quadro. HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation Review
  24. Looking at the numbers for the quarter, Nutanix reported revenue of $303.7 million up from the same time last year as well as last quarter. This number reflects the company’s elimination of roughly $95 million in pass-through hardware revenue. The company saw a net loss of $87.4 million GAAP (or $0.51/share) and $19 million non-GAAP (or $0.11/share), both an improvement over this time last year. Gross margin was reported as 75.9% GAAP and 77.7% non-GAAP, again up form the same time a year ago. Operating cash flow saw an improvement to $22.7 million with free being $6.5 million. Nutanix Reports 4Q18 & FY18
  25. The 9-disk (in the 14TB version) Helium-sealed design utilizes Toshiba’s precision laser welding process, and a top-cover design seals Helium inside the drive offering high capacity and low power profile to the product. The SAS interface provides 12Gbits transfer rate performance and dual port capability for data-path redundancy preferred by many storage solutions designers. The 14TB SAS model offers approximately 40% increase in maximum capacity than Toshiba’s prior MG06 10TB SAS models. All in all, the new drives look precisely like what I would expect from SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) versions of their MGO7ACA series of SATA drives which were announced last July. Toshiba Announces 14TB & 12TB SAS HDD Models