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  1. Through products such as the new SmartSSD, QLC-SSD, 256GB 3DS RDIMM and High Bandwidth Memory 2 Aquabolt, Samsung enables the most advanced providers of server-less computing. There products aim to allow datacenter operations to scale quicker while saving costs by accelerating data processing, bypassing server CPU limits and reducing power demands. Samsung Begins 7nm EUV Production, Unveils Next Generation NAND SSD & DRAM
  2. Fomula One teams are required to be equipped with a reliable infrastructure that allows for the development of state-of-the-art race cars. With that in mind, Haas F1 Team performed detailed aerodynamic analysis, requiring continuous updated in order to remain competitive. Haas F1 Team is able to maximize the benefits of its CFD analysis within the FIA imposed limits by using the efficient and dependable Cray and AMD EPYC processor-based system. Cray Inc. Announces Haas F1 Team Cooperation
  3. New in the lab about upgrading ESXi to a "Dark Theme" right in time for Halloween (different kind of dark).
  4. Ultimately, what Intel VROC provides systems vendors like EchoStreams is a simplified way of delivering RAID with NVMe SSDs. The result is EchoStreams can deliver excellent throughput and latency with less complexity and cost. Further, thanks to the additional features from Intel VMD, EchoStreams customers get improved system serviceability with features like NVMe SSD hot swap, NVMe drive light support and bootable RAID with pre-boot configuration. As noted, the use cases are varried, but clearly there's huge potential for CDNs and others who can benefit from enterprise-grade RAID across the fastest storage and networking interfaces widely available. Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) Review
  5. The Raspberry Pi platform is a small single-board computer initially developed as a low-cost general-purpose computer intended both to encourage the teaching of basic computer science in schools, and to appeal to the home hobbyist. However, over time, the Raspberry Pi has evolved into a platform for various commercial products in order to minimize the cost of these products. As such, many companies are now using ClearCube as the basis for their VDI clients. ClearCube Announces First Raspberry Pi-Based VDI Client With VMware Blast Support
  6. Cyber attacks and ransomware have unfortunately become common and are part of life for enterprises. Security is improving in most areas but companies still need a way to quickly recover lost data to avoid costly downtime. Dell EMC is addressing this with new software that combines data isolation with business continuity. This will minimize he impact of an attack and help recover critical data and systems faster. As stated above, Dell EMC Cyber Recovery uses automation to move and retain isolated secure copies of critical data to a Cyber Recovery vault. This removes the critical data from the attack surface. Once the data is in the vault it can be tested and analyzed without a restore eliminating the worry of activating any malware. Dell EMC Releases Cyber Recovery Software
  7. The Crucial P1 is the newest series of M.2 drives, with capacities ranging from 500GB to, soon to be, 2TB. The Crucial P1 SSD comes equipped with Micron quad-level cell (QLC) NAND, enabling increased NAND density at a lower cost, providing a huge capacity at an affordable pricing model. Crucial P1 1TB SSD Review
  8. For Violin, this means a larger variety of solutions spanning from terabytes to multiple petabytes with enterprise-class performance, features, and reliability. Combining its products with X-IO’s price to performance value could potentially lead to a larger variety of customers. Violin will be adding X-IO’s storage engineering team as well as its service process and organization. Meaning existing customers will continue to get the same level of service they’ve grown accustomed with. Violin Acquires X-IO Storage, Axellio Spun Off
  9. The HP ZBook Studio, HP ZBook Studio x360, HP ZBook 15 and HP ZBook 17 have been enhanced with greater processing power. All are upgrading from eighth-generation Intel chips to ninth generation, six-core i9 CPUs. Both the HP ZBook Studio and Studio x360, gain a boost in graphics performance to seamlessly render and edit with the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics card; upgrading from the P1000. Additionally, the x360 is getting an optional anti-glare touchscreen, allowing users to work outdoors or in bright lighting situations. The screen will gain enhanced durability with the latest generation Corning Gorilla Glass and supports 100 percent Adobe RGB, with 600 nits of brightness. I've worked with anti-glare screens before; they make a world of difference in bright light environments. The difference is still noticeable even indoors if most of your light is coming in through a window or other high-glare environment. "First rule of Z club is you don't talk about Z club" HP Updates Creative Z Product Line
  10. The Crucial LRDIMM Server Memory modules bring even more RAM density and performance to servers. The modules run up to 128GB in density meaning that in a 12 memory slot server, users can have up to 1.5TB of RAM per CPU. The new modules also run up to 2,666MT/s in speed. This means applications such as HPC, virtualization, and cloud computing will be able to get faster RAM and enough to suit their needs. All in all, this may lead to cost-savings as well as higher performance, leading to a more effective end user experience. Crucial DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Review
  11. After using the Wyse 5070 client for three weeks with both on-premise and cloud-based virtual desktops, and using a wide variety of configurations, I found the device to be an extremely powerful and well-built VDI client which is easy to configure and could handle any load that I put on it; it has connectivity for the most demanding of environments via its 21 ports and support for six monitors. Wyse has a reputation of building devices that are built to last, and I see that this device is no exception to that. Wyse 5070 Client Review
  12. As the enterprise moves past the mad scramble of collecting and backing up Big Data, it is moving toward taking the collected data and gaining valuable insights from it. Aside from gaining benefits like efficiencies and potential revenue, knowing what is collected leads to better management and the better ability to hit compliance regulations such as GDPR. Knowing where the data is and what it means can only be done successfully through automation or leveraging newer technologies like AI. Commvault Announces Commvault Activate
  13. Commvault has a HyperScale appliance, HS1300, that it has seen success with. The company is taking the basic idea and offering both a larger and smaller version in order to hit more markets and offer customers more flexibility. Commvault Rolls Out New Appliances
  14. Powered by Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, the new B&RaaS gives customers a point and click delivery model, which can potentially lower operating costs on data infrastructure, software, services, training and compliance. As stated B&RaaS offers data management and protection for VMs and it also does the same for applications running on AWS and Azure as well as native cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce. Everything is deployed and managed by Commvault including system administration, remote managed services and professional services. While everything being point and click sounds great to several customers, some need hardware on-prem to meet their RTO. Commvault is alos offering its Hyperscale hardware to those that need fast recovery from local copies. Commvault Announces Complete Backup & Recovery as-a-Service
  15. Using two Tesla V100 GPUs, creative professional working on remote, virtual workstations are able to render compelling, realistic visualizations – up to 94% faster. Compared to a CPU-only system, utilizing two Tesla V100s enables engineers and designers to reduce their time to market and can complete simulations up to 7 times faster. Additionally, professionals are able to work at remote locations while their IP and their work are secured in the data center. NVIDIA Announces Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation Enhancements