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  1. Veeam was made for backup and data management of highly virtualized environments and as more and more data and applications are migrated to the cloud, Veeam has added focus there as well. The cloud doesn’t just represent a new market ripe for the plucking for Veeam, it comes with a myriad of concerns: managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, migrating data to the cloud, HA in the cloud, and cloud backup and recovery. The release today continues Veeam aim to address issues as they arise. Veeam Announced Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4
  2. The 970 EVO Plus is the newest member of Samsung’s 3-bit MLC-based NVMe SSD portfolio designed for client PCs. Utilizing Samsung’s latest technology, the 970 EVO Plus shows outstanding endurance and performance, making it one of the leading drives in its segment. In our review, we tested the 1TB capacity drive, but smaller drives are available in both 500GB and 250GB capacities, which are likely to show a slight decrease in performance compared to the larger 1TB drive. Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Review
  3. Atrust has been a going concern for 10 years and has seen wide acceptance in Europe and Asia but Atrust is new to the America market. After using the Atrust t176L client for three weeks, with both on-premise and cloud-based virtual desktops, we found it to be a well-built device, with very good documentation that has some interesting features, such as the dual-purpose base/VESA stand. The Atrust t176L is a good candidate for businesses that need a reliable and well-built VDI client for knowledge workers who need one or two monitors with up to 4K resolution to complete their day-to-day tasks. Atrust t176L VDI Client Review
  4. JetStream Migrate aims to take the pain out of VM migration and live migration from on-prem VMware environments to cloud-based VMware environments. This allows for users to get back to work and get back to billing without worrying about massive amounts of disruptions. JetStream Migrate acts as an IO filter integrated through vSphere, leveraging VAIO. This is the foundation of their product along with how they are easing the migration process. JetStream Migrate Review
  5. Eaton’s new High-Density rack PDU offers improved outlet counts and the addition of 11 color options for easy identification of A/B power feeds. Providing 11 different outlet module options, the High-Density rack PDU allows configuration for up to 54 outlets per PDU. Alternative phase outlets simplify load balancing and improve airflow by putting outlets where they are needed, reducing the potential for tripped breakers. As can be seen in the photo above they can be quickly and neatly added to existing racks with variable lengths to fit your rack size. Eaton Launches High-Density Rack Power Distribution Unit
  6. WD’s second-generation SSD is outfitted with the company’s in-house 3D NAND technology, firmware and controller, and features a vertically integrated SSD platform. Performance-wise, the SN750 is quoted to deliver sequential reads up to 3,470MB/s (500GB and 1TB model) and sequential writes up to 3,000MB/s (1TB model). Moreover, random reads and writes are expected to hit up to 515,000 IOPS and 560,000 IOPs, respectively, for 1TB model. Though this won’t affect the gameplay directly, speeds like these will certainly lessen the time during loading screens and when launching the game itself. WD Black SN750 NVMe Second-Generation SSD Announced
  7. Most companies are moving at least part of their data and applications to the cloud and several are starting in the cloud. There are several benefits to cloud usage but it can lead to issues such as having data distributed across multiple services. For those that leverage AWS for their cloud needs, they already have backup capabilities and if they want to automate scheduling, enforce retention policies, and/or consolidate backup activity that stretches over several services they can with custom scripts. AWS Backup eases with process with a centralized place to manage backups across AWS. Users can create new polices for backups, scheduling, and retention, across AWS services, in a few clicks. Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Backup
  8. Both the TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62 feature dual AMD EPYC 7000 series (Naples) processor sockets, including 8 channels of memory and 8x DIMM slots per socket (16 x DIMM slots per node). TO22-Z61 can be configured in combinations of flash and SATA storage capacity with 4 x 2.5” frontal hot swappable SSD and HDD drive bays. This includes a maximum of two NVMe drives and two SATA drives (or up to 4 x SATA drives instead of NVMe) as well as SAS storage drives, which can be leveraged using an add-on card. GIGABYTE TO22-Z61 & TO22-Z62 AMD EPYC Compute Nodes Now Available
  9. Veeam is one of the larger privately held software companies. Veeam states it has roughly $1 billion in sales and over 325K customers. Seems a bit odd that they are looking for an injection of cash, however, Veeam states it will leverage Insight Venture Partners’ internal business strategy arm, Insight Onsite, and capital to accelerate its expansion through both organic growth and M&A activities. Half a billion is a fairly impressive investment. Veeam & Rubrik Take In Massive Funding Hauls
  10. At the center of the TBS-453DX is an Intel Celeron J4105 quad-core 1.5 GHz processor (burst up to 2.5 GHz) and up to 8GB of DDR4 memory. Though the M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb/s SSDs must be purchased separately, QNAP has made accessing, installing and maintaining the RAM and SSDs very easy. The TBS-453DX also features QNAP’s new Cloud Gateway service, allowing users to mount over 20 cloud storage services for efficient file storage, backup, and recovery. With CacheMount and VJBOD Cloud, files on the cloud can be locally cached in TBS-453DX’s CacheMount Cache Volume. This also enables users to access and work with frequently-used files at a very low latency. Moreover, QNAP indicates that TBS-453DX users leverage SSD extra over-provisioning even further to allocate SSD additional OP space (from 1% to 60%) for enhanced SSD random write speeds and lifespan. QNAP TBS-453DX M.2 SSD NASbook Now Available
  11. Lexar has released a new family of M.2 SSDs with various interfaces for the end users needs. For the mainstream users that want good performance but don’t need ultra high performance, Lexar introduced the NM200 line that leverages the SATA interface. Users can expect to see speeds as high as 550MB/s read and 510MB/s, which should meet most day-to-day needs including faster speed for boot ups, shut downs and every application in between. Lexar Releases New M.2 Line & A 1TB SD Card
  12. OpenEdge is part of the Baidu Cloud that was updated in September to include AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. OpenEdge is the local package component of the company’s commercial software product, Baidu Intelligent Edge (BIE). According to Baidu, BIE also consists of a cloud-based management suite that provides functions to manage the edge nodes, the edge apps, and the resources such as certification, password, and program code. Baidu Announces OpenEdge
  13. Optane has brought about new levels of performance and very low latency. The biggest drawback is the low capacity. Another recently launched technology of Intel’s is QLC 3D NAND. QLC brings more capacity at a lower price but sacrifices some performance for the trade off. Both technologies seem to be lacking exactly where the other is strongest, so Intel combined them, bringing performance and capacity. Intel Announced Optane Memory H10
  14. Code-named Ice Lake, Intel upcoming 10nm processor is aimed at mobile PCs. Ice Lake is built off of the Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture and according to Intel, is expected to deliver a new level of technology integration on a client platform. Ice Lake will have Gen11 integrated graphics architecture and support Intel Adaptive Sync technology that will enable smooth frame rates and be capable of more than 1 TFLOP of performance for richer gaming and creation experience. Ice Lake is also said to be the first to integrate Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard, and Intel DL Boost to accelerate AI workloads. Along with all of the above benefits, Ice Lake is said to help increase battery life as well. Intel will be rolling out a server version of Ice Lake as well, aimed at 2020. Intel Makes CPU Announcements At CES
  15. While HDDs are all about cramming more and more capacity in the same form factor, SSDs are looking to make themselves smaller with higher capacity and better performance. Toshiba was the first company to come out with a single package PCIe SSD and the BG4 is another example of innovation. The BG4 can leverage Toshiba’s 96-layer BiCS FLASH 3D memory to hit 1,024GB of capacity in a single package. Not only is this double the capacity of the previous version, it is also 0.2mm thinner than the previous generation’s. Toshiba was also able to double the PCIe Gen3 lane count to 4 to squeeze even more performance out of the same form factor. The company claims the new drive can hit 2.25GB/s sequential read, 1.7GB/s sequential write, 380K IOPS random read, and 190K IOPS random write. Toshiba Unveils Its 1TB BGA SSD