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  1. All companies, large and small, are looking for a competitive edge. There is now a large promise of an advantage on the IT side of a business from both new technologies and better utilization of existing technology and data. While users now expect access to these new technologies, there is a gap in what is desired versus what is deliverable, an Availability Gap. A majority of the businesses polled report that they suffer from such Availability Gap. This gap isn’t just a nuisance, according to the ESG report, the gap impacts the bottom line of businesses by $21.8 million per year and stifles innovation. Veeam Commissions Report Looking At The Availability Gap
  2. Looking at the numbers, Seagate is reporting revenue of $2.7 billion, down from $2.9 billion last quarter, however, up slightly (3%) from the previous year’s $2.6 billion. Seagate is reporting a net income of $194 million GAAP, down nearly $100 million form last quarter. Non-GAAP net income is reported as $329 million also down nearly $100 million from last quarter. Looking at diluted earnings per share (EPS): GAAP diluted EPS was of $0.65/share and non-GAAP was $1.10/share. The company’s gross margin for this quarter was 30.5% GAAP and 31.4% non-GAAP, compared to 30.8% and 31.8%, respectively, from the previous quarter. Cash flow from operations was $426 million, down from $656 million last quarter. Seagate is also announcing a cash dividend of $0.63 per share. Seagate Release 3Q17 Financial Results
  3. Leveraging the PCIe slot, users can install the QNAP QM2 M.2 SSD/10GbE LAN adapters for both improved performance and 10GbE 10GBASE-T LAN connectivity. Moreover, the NAS can be expanded with a 10GbE 10GBASE-T/ SFP+ adapter, a USB 3.1 10Gbps adapter, or a wireless adapter to satisfy a diverse range of business use cases. Storage can also be easily scaled via the company’s 8-bay UX-800P or 5-bay UX-500P expansion units or with QNAP VJBOD technology. QNAP TS-x53B Series NAS Now Available
  4. The HCI market is expanding but some are reporting growing pains: unpredictable performance, lack of automation, and inefficient scale and capacity utilization. Pivot3 aims to address these issues with Acuity by simplifying workload management via its fifth-generation policy-based management engine and comprehensive data services. Pivot3 states that Acuity can apply resources to mission-critical applications, guaranteeing performance and predictable results, through its priority-ware software platform. Pivot3 Announces Priority Aware HCI, Acuity
  5. Equipped with 32GB of GDDR5 memory, the Radeon Pro Duo is able to easily handle larger data sets, more intricate 3D models, higher resolution videos, and complex assemblies. According to AMD, operating at a max power of 250W, the Radeon Pro Duo harnesses a total of 72 compute units (4608 stream processors) for a combined performance of up to 11.45 TFLOPS of single-precision compute performance on one board, and twice the geometry throughput of the Radeon Pro WX 7100. The Pro Duo can support up to four 4K monitors (at 60Hz), one 8K monitor (at 30Hz), or one 8K monitor at 60Hz using a dual cable solution. AMD Announces New Radeon Pro Duo
  6. The Intel Optane Memory is a M.2 SSD paired with its own caching software that will accelerate HDDs, especially high capacity HDDs, in a desktop PC. While Intel says this is good news for certain crowds such as gamers that want to keep several games on their system with more cost-effective HDDs, that argument goes out the window with cost effective SSDs completely saturating the market. It also introduces some issues. For one, the Optane Memory isn’t something that can just be dropped into existing computers or gaming rigs. In order to get the benefit, users would buy a new supported platform, instead of buying just an SSD and dropping it into any computer. Another issue is how much the performance will actually make a difference in most use cases. With just 16GB or 32GB of flash capacity, not everything will always be in cache the first time. That means for many users their daily routine will take a step back in time, almost decade to be precise, to before even the Intel X25-M came to the market and hard drives ruled the land. Intel Optane Memory Review
  7. Data centers are changing and the bulk of the burden of the evolving data centers fails squarely on IT resources. As we've talked about for some time now and it is becoming common knowledge, data is growing at an incredible rate and more of it holds value than ever before. Not only that, there are now more deployments of HPC, Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and cloud environments to further strain everything. SDS and software-defined data center technology will help companies deal with the onslaught of data and new technology and Lenovo's DSS-G is intended to accelerate the adoption of said technology. Lenovo Announces New SDS For IBM Spectrum Scale
  8. The popular line of products from G-Technology is built for creative professionals, including videographers and digital photographers. The product line is designed to provide the performance and capacity needed for creative applications while being attractive while doing so. The latest updates adds even more performance and capacity to keep in line with the increase in demands for both. G-Technology Upgrades Several Devices To Thunderbolt 3
  9. The Fly Drive has 2TB or over 60 hours of 4K 30fps video footage. This translates into 250 flights on a DJI Mavic Pro drone. The Fly Drive also has a microSD slot to let users quickly offload footage in the field. Taking any equipment in the field can fill most enthusiasts with dread, to assuage fears, the Fly Drive comes with a protective bumper. Inside the bumper is the drives USB-C cord. USB 3.1 allows for fast transfer speeds and is compatible with both Mac and PC. Users can start editing videos from day one as the Fly Drive comes with two free months of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the industry’s leading video editing software. Seagate Releases Its Fly Drive Specifically For Drones
  10. Outfitted with 12 drive bays, the LaCie 12Big offers upwards of 120TB in storage (RAID5), making it the company’s largest RAID storage solution to date. The 12Big leverages 8TB Seagate NAS to attain this massive storage pool, which are specced with very reliable 8,760 hours of operation per year. Moreover, to decrease periods of downtime in the event of hard drive failure and minimal effort when expanding storage capacity, the LaCie features hot-swappable bays with field replaceable support. The large storage device is also very easy to manage via the LaCie RAID Manager, which gives users an effective way to configure the type of RAID, receive email alerts, and measure the health of the populated hard drives. The latest version has also been overhauled for a more modern and user-friendly interface. LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3 Review
  11. Two things that a storage device needs to make creative professionals' lives easy are storage and speed: the 2big has both. This updated device has a maximum capacity of 20TB (a 25% increase over the previous version). 20TB can translate into up to 650 hours of 4K 30fps footage or 200,000 raw images. But having a ton of capacity and slow transfer times is no good, so the 2big now uses the Thunderbolt 3 interface to hit speeds of up to 440MB/s or roughly transfer one hour of 4K footage in one minute. Another benefit of higher speeds is the lack of lag when browsing photo libraries in Adobe Lightroom. LaCie Introduces 2big Dock With Thunderbolt 3
  12. The Lenovo x3550 M5 is a dual-socket 1U server designed to be powerful and flexible, especially given its diminutive size. The x3550 can sport up to 22 cores in its two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors and supports up to 1.5TB of memory. The x3550 can also pack a lot of storage into a small form factor, with a maximum capacity of 92TB (using twelve 7.68TB, 2.5-inch SSDs) in a 1U space. Lenovo states that the ideal use cases for the x3550 include database, virtualization and cloud computing, infrastructure security, systems management, enterprise applications, collaboration/email, streaming media, web, and HPC. Lenovo System x3550 M5 Server Review
  13. Broadcom refers to the 9400 series as the world’s fastest NVMe/SAS/SATA Tri-Mode SERDES MegaRAID family of controllers. The numbers they give are over 1.7 million IOPS, making the ideal use cases as all intensive cloud scaling, web services, business intelligence and OLTP applications used within traditional and hyper-converged server platforms. The 9400 series support up to 16 internal and external ports on a single chip. And with power consumption starting at just 10 watts, the 9400 series is one of the most efficient RAID controller card in its class. Broadcom Begins Shipping Its 9400 MegaRAID Controllers
  14. Among the specific upgrades to the newest version of QTS include a re-engineered Resource Monitor, providing useful graphs and other metrics for better functionality when analyzing and managing resource utilization and storage performance. Also updated is Intelligent Qtier 2.0. This application can now learn from NAS usage by analyzing system performance and peak usage hours, which helps to determine times for optimum transfer speeds for auto tiering. QNAP QTS 4.3.3 Now Available
  15. The N300 Series comes in capacities as high as 8TB (there is also a 4TB and 6TB model) and the drives come with a 128MB data buffer. The drives support up to eight drive bays in a multi-RAID NAS design and use Toshiba’s Dynamic Cache Technology. The new drives also use advanced control and sensing technology to mitigate the effects of vibration, shock and heat. Toshiba Launches 8TB NAS HDDs