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    iXsystems TrueNAS Reviews?

    I think people are missing the real reason (s) zfs is so interesting and popular in business. It has very little to do with the traditional sense of "performance". Performance means very little when the data isn't reliable. There are still only a handful on systems I would truly consider for real enterprise use where the integrity of your data is of up most importance. Many of them have their roots in zfs. For instance take a look at nimble storage. Or as mentioned Tegile, which is modified version of ZFS (mostly for effective dedup). Or GreenBytes which Oracle bought again primarily for their modified ZFS for dedup. I have to agree with OP, I wouldn't want to deal with EMC, NetApp, or other so called teir 1 providers. Unless you like being bent over a barrel. Ever need to add storage to a SAN years later? How much markup $/GB did that cost you? Reliability? Hah! Because they've never had controller failures, buggy firmware, and so on. I know people that have lost 100s of TB's of data on EMC because of an EMC fault. If your not looking for the fastest storage or the cheapest storage TrueNAS is more than capable. Personally I still prefer to roll my own though.