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    Ssd Performance Problems

    How do i do a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on an SSD disk? Could you tell me step for step?
  2. Sharko

    Ssd Performance Problems

    i first migrated the os with a program called Paragon, then i went into bios and changed the ssd as boot. and this worked just fine, buit when i first started up it was about 20 seconds boot up, and it's still as slow as that. It says the os is on ssd, and it is, because i deleted everything else on HDD. The boot up has not been getting slower, but i still think it's slow of a ssd, which should have a boot up time of 8-9 sec.
  3. Sharko

    Ssd Performance Problems

    Anyone Know what may cause the problem?
  4. Sharko

    Ssd Performance Problems

    No problems with Magician at all, it says everything is working perfect, i migrated from hdd 2 days ago. and i know the OS is on ssd. i use both ssd for boot up and fast tasks and hdd as storage. I have put my SSD in Super Raid 2, which is an extra space for SSD's that MSI have.
  5. I'm having some trouble with the peformance on my SSD. It says it's fast in all kinds of SSD benchmark tests, i've checked if i've turned TRIM on and achi and they are both on. The thing is that when i'm going to boot up and do other tasks like opening programs, it's going very slow, the boot up takes me about 20sec and i have installed the os on SSD. I've also checked if the ssd in put in a sata 3 port and it is. I got an MSI GT70 2PC Dominator The SSD i'm using is a Samsung 850 EVO 120Gb 540Mb/520Mb Read/Write I have used the Magician software to turn on RAPID Mode, which should make the SSD incredible fast, but it doesn't seem to have any effect at all whether i turn in on or off. I have tried all sort of things but nothing works, please help!