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  1. UGH, I wish I knew this before of this option. As always, thanks a lot for your guys' help.
  2. Thanks guys, is there a concern then witht he 2.5" or even the add-in PCIe card if I can't raid them for production data? KEvin, so you're saying chances are the server I got 24 drive bays that are SATA/SSD but no NVMe...
  3. Thanks Kevin....but I looked at the instructions for the SM1715 (which I think uses the same connectors) and it says I should just be able to plug it into the front? They even happen to show a Dell server in the image... If this isn't the case do I need some sort of additional part? Even if I do, only VMWare can see it right and not the PERC? How can I RAID them then?
  4. Hi, we have a Dell 730xd that we bought 6 months ago and we just bought some Samsung NVMe 1725 2.5" 1.6TB drives through dell to put into the server but are running into some issues....the disk was already in a 2.5" cage so it inserted right into the front of the server, but.... 1) Not seeing the drive in H730 mini PERC or in iDRAC (dell support tells me that it passes through directly to the OS so I won't see the drive in perc or idrac?) Is that accurate? If so, how would I raid then? 2) I dont see it in vmware either.... We are on VMWare version 5.5, and the latest DRAC and BIOS versions for the Dell (but didnt upgrade the raid controller yet) Any ideas?
  5. Thnks, but just so to be clear..there is no 1.2TB SSD option with the same performance as Intel 750 for the same or a little more price, SATA/SAS or PCIEx3?
  6. So.....I guess there is nothing then
  7. etsrad

    Fast desktop SSDs?

    How much more performance would the Raid0 give me? How about Raid1? CPU is a core i7 with 8GB ram....and both of those on task manager seem fine
  8. Hi, it is an option if there are larger drives, preferably 1.6TB or above but I guess 1.2TB would be ok too. FYI, I have a similar topic for desktops open as well if you have any suggestions.
  9. etsrad

    Fast desktop SSDs?

    Very heavy excel workbooks and proprietary applications....trying to keep the cost around the same as the Intel 750 400GB model but could go a bit higher as long as performance is comparable or better Thanks.
  10. Hi, sorry for the late reply, trying to keep budget around the same cost as the Intel 750 800GB but that seems unfeasible... For my ESX Dell 730xd server trying to get to ~3TB in Raid 5 or 10....or if a PCIe not sure how Raid works with it or if I even need it Currently we have Toshiba PX02SMF080, 8 of them in Raid 10 (again, local storage, no SAN) Below are the ports available in the server Drive Bays Internal hard drive bay and hot-plug backplane: Up to 18 x 1.8” SSD: SATA Up to 24 x 2.5” + 2 x 2.5” HDD: SAS, SATA, Near-line SAS SSD: SAS, SATA, Up to 4 NVMe Express Flash PCIe Up to 16 x 3.5” + 2 x 2.5” HDD: SAS, SATA, Near-line SAS SSD: SAS, SATA
  11. Hi, I wanted to upgrade some of our disks (local disks that are Toshiba SSDs) in our Dell VMWare host to something considerably faster and looked into the Intel 750s but realized they are more for consumers due to low writes/day and durability...which sucks because the pricepoint is great for its performance! Are there equivalent, similar pricepoint, same performance SSDs (2.5" or PCIe) enterprise or semi-enterprise grade SSDs that could work? Thanks.
  12. Hey all, we currently use the Samsung Pro 850 SSD drives in our Dell desktops today but want something a bit faster and am looking into the Intel 750....but as far as I can tell the Intel 750 (2.5" or the PCIe) won't fit into the desktop motherboards (different connectors or whatever among other things)......any ideas on how to get around this? Is there another SSD that I should look at that is comparable/faster than the 750s? Thanks.
  13. etsrad

    Specs of a Dell SSD?!

    They say its either one of the below Seagate 1200 drives...but don't know which one for sure, really hoping its the 43 one as it seems faster! ST800FM0043 ST800FM0013 Thanks
  14. etsrad

    Specs of a Dell SSD?!

    Dell just told me it is the Seagate - ST800FM0013. SSD Review seems to think it is a Toshiba
  15. Hey all, as we all know Cisco, Dell, HP make it quite difficult to find out the exact specs on the SSDs that they use as they mark up the price 3-6x easily as they are usually rebranded drives. We are considering going SuperMicro because of this reason so that I know exactly how many IOPS/Read/Write/DWPD/etc. I am getting. On my Dell quote it says " 800GB Solid State Drive SAS Mix Use MLC 12Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Drive,13G" , but I am having trouble finding out any details about it and Dell is unsure themselves. I think it might be a Seagate or HGST but the Dell guy doesn't think so, so I am not sure. Anyone here what the specs are? Thanks in advance.