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  1. MrS, Thanks for the sharing prices on brands and the brand suggestion. I will check out the Toshiba. I don’t mind spending a little more if there is noticeable speed difference and more importantly better reliability, which I realize is hard to quantify. Good to know that between various 7.2 rpm’s the difference is not that big. I am in the middle of a new upgrade to an ASUS Z97 PRO motherboard (from an older775). Basically, I am slowly upgrading everything and started with an i7 Intel CPU and z97 motherboard from the deals on the holidays in December. I did not know about using the SSD as cache for the slower HDD apps/games and using the Intel SRT. Something to consider for sure. Cheers, Chris
  2. Thank you MrSpadge! Yes the 4GB version would totally be a scam. (mistype of the TB). It’s funny I do remember the days when that was a great size. =) I do have a new 256GB SSD as the boot/windows drive (amazing difference!) and a few older smallish size HDD’s that I like to consolidate to one bigger HDD. Hence, my consideration of the 4TB HGST. Your right, all good points on the blackblaze study. It’s really a totally different environment to a personal desktop PC. I have not thought of it like that, I just saw pretty graphs suggesting HGST was overall was a more reliable HDD than other brands and thought that was a safer buy. It’s so easy to get lost in graphs and stats. I appreciate the reference to the French article, I will check it out. I just wanted an easy answer on a fast and reliable drive large HDD for images and large video games. Overall it seems not to matter too much on the brand and the true goal is to have a decent backup process. Chris
  3. Greetings StorageReviewers! (or is it StorageReviewee's?) Any word on the HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 HDDs? Storage Review mentioned potential availability back in September. Did HGST have a delay? I am considering getting a 4GB 7K4000 for basic desktop PC personal use. Partly because of the good relatability from the BackBlaze blog article on "What drive should i buy" and the excellent Storage Review article. If the 7k6000 is around the corner I may just wait.
  4. I am also looking forward to see the review on the Hitachi Deskstar NAS. Thanks for the update!