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    Total overhaul of my data center.

    Your budget is limited for a true enterprise storage solution. Most of the large storage vendors will be way out of your budget if you factor in their software tools. The exception of course is equallogic. Very easy to use and comes with great software. We have a few of them and they are great. As someone who has a UCS system for 3 years I would say that you can rule that out. Unless you plan to run dozens of blades, the complexity of the system does not pay. For backup software I am really happy with Dell Appassure. It was really cheap, covers all of our VM's and does replication. You can just install the software on an existing server with alot of disk, put the agent on each VM and let it go to work. Definetly go for 10GB networking. It is not only faster, but the elimination of many cables certaintly helps when you build a new datacenter. -Justin
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    Need advice on future storage

    How about a cloud storage solution?
  3. Are you using Jumbo Frames on your iSCSI network? How do you have your Networking configured on vmware? vSphere standard switches? are you using nic teaming? -Justin